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I'm looking for advice on a new pair of running shoes. I'm 6 foot and 210 lbs and am looking for shoes that offer good shock absorption. I'm considering the Mizuno Wave Creation, what have you had good luck with ?


  • MamaMollyT
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    I love my Hokka One Ones. They are awesome for distance running. Alta's are also great.
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    I've always had good luck with Saucony shoes. I would recommend that you get fitted for a pair at a local running store, since every foot is different and they can recommend something that is ideal for you. But if you order online, make sure whatever site you order from has a decent return policy. Do not keep using a pair of shoes that isn't perfect! That's a good way to get yourself some aches and pains, and even injuries, later down the road.
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    I echo the above. Look for shoes geared towards your foot and your stride. Some are more geared towards one or the other and you don't want the kind that are opposite of your foot/stride!

    If you have a nearby running store, they may allow you to run around with them for a bit to test how they feel. Test several comparing from one to the next which feels better.

    As for me, I am loving these Brooks Glycerine 12's!
  • cheshirecatastrophe
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    Try on at least one shoe from the major brands--Asics, Brooks, Saucony, New Balance, Mizuno. See which brand's model tends to fit your feet the best.

    I like and wear Brooks Ravenna (have heard not-good things about the new 6's, though), Brooks Ghost GTX, Saucony Xodus.
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    I love Brooks... I just got the Brooks Adrenaline 14. I'm training for a 1/2 marathon and they have been awesome.
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    I've had ASICS running ones in the past and currently wearing Brooks. For running, I prefer my Brooks.

    But for plyometrics/aerobics, I use a different pair of ASICS that give really good support and cushion.
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    I have never tried Hoka's but have heard very good things about their cushioning. If you are unsure of what it is you need, I would suggest going to a shoe store that caters to runners and let them help you choose what works best for you. After you have been running for awhile and know what it is you want and need in a shoe you can shop more independently and typically a little less expensively.
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    I definitely recommend getting fitted. I bought Brooks Ghost on my own and thought they were right for me but they were causing awful leg cramps/shin splints. I got fitted in a pair of Brooks Ravenna and they feel amazing!! No pain at all :)
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    Go to your local running store they can analyze your gait and get you in the right shoe. If you are going to be going longer distances than 5k, I recommend staying away from minimalists. Good Luck
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    Thanks for the input everyone !
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    Mizuno Wave Inspire!!!!!!! Any Mizuno Wave is amazing. for real. i wont wear anything else
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    Do you have a Runner's Forum near you? They will video you running in several types and tell you the best fit.
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    I'll echo the suggestions to go in to a local running store to get fitted. It makes a WORLD of difference, and even if they're a little more expensive than an online store, it's worth it. Consider it paying for the fitting service. Also, unless the EXACT same shoes are still available, get fitted again when it's time for new shoes. I'll also echo eshults89's comment on the Mizuno Wave Inspire; perfect for me and how I run, but maybe not for you!
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    I would recommend going to your local sporting goods store and see a running specialist.
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    Not sure if there is a running store here, I think I'll check on that, good idea.
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    I tried on a pair of Brooks Ghost 7, I really liked them but a lil pricey, I found a pair of Ghost 6 online for almost half and ordered them. I read some reviews where people liked the 6 over the 7, the 6 has gel pads and the 7 dosen't. Hopefully they'll be good if not they have a 30 day return policy.
  • DrWhoIsYerDad
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    I got the Ghost 6's , and they are working well !!