Sometimes I really hate being a woman...



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    I'm not loving all the symptoms so far, exactly, but for some strange reason, I am really, really looking forward to this next "stage" of my life. I love phases and watching things evolve, including myself. As I've gotten older, I've actually gotten happier - more content. I do have a lot of mood swings with peri (and very strange, irregular periods) but I feel like once I come out on the other side, it's going to be a good thing.

    This is really inspiring to read!
  • Normally my periods are pretty minimal, but this round put me up 10 lbs! I was shocked as usually a 3-4 lb gain is pretty normal. I know I gave into my cravings way too frequently...but wondering if anyone else has had such a dramatic gain? I don't *feel* overly bloated but I'm really crossing my fingers that is the case and it goes away? Any tricks to get the bloat to go away faster?
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    BTW I'm definitely going to try the greek yogurt with Nutella and strawberries. Sounds so yummy. I don't have any strawberries now, or I would try it. I'll have to get some tomorrow. The cravings will still be going strong then I'm sure.
    Don't let lack of berries hold you back - it's awesome without them too!

    I've added honey to Greek yogurt with whatever fruit I have, usually bananas and then some chocolate chips and whatever nuts I have, we've made it into a healthy desert and my son loved it to.