critically accalimed moveis u thought were really bad?



  • wardamnirish
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    Two Tom Hanks Movies

    Forest Gump and Cast Away. Both bored me to death

    I didn't see Cast Away, but Forest Gump was way too long. And that whole running across the country part was just stupid.
  • TamTastic
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    Not sure how acclaimed it was but Leonardo Dicaprio's The Great Gatsby just annoyed me!!
  • Swaggs51
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  • koosorlose
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    I don't know if it was critically acclaimed or not, but it's certainly very popular and my friends reference scenes from it all the time, but Office Space is IMO the worst, slowest moving, most depressing movie ever made. I just don't get the humor.

    I don't like Office Space, either! The humor is so dry. I'm into goofy/silly humor.
  • Riffraft1960
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    Pulp Fiction is top 5 movies of all time. If you didnt get it, you were born in the smart phone era where nothing is thoughtful or artistic. Live with that.


    Well I was born in 1960 and I don't get it.
  • fitfabforties
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    The English Patient (seriously....he leaves her in a cave??!!)
    Cloud Atlas (WTF???)
    Gangs of New York
    Moulin Rouge
    Noah (the one out now with Russell Crowe - AWFUL!!!!!) - not sure if it's critically acclaimed or not, I just couldn't stand it!
    Lord of the Rings - all three of them!!!!
  • Riffraft1960
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    I hate most Will Ferrel movies. Anchorman sucked. Elf sucked. Blades of Glory sucked. He's not funny AT ALL.

    Totally agree on the Will Ferrel thing. Never found him funny and for the life of my cant understand why people do.

    Is there a such thing as a "critically acclaimed" Well Ferrel movie?
  • ThinLizzie0802
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    The Departed

    Seriously, what a cop-out just to kill everyone. Totally eliminates having to actually write an ending, and I wasn't even shocked that they died. I just felt like Scorsese didn't have time to write a script where the characters had to deal with the bs they created.
  • WeepingAngel81
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    Don't know how acclaimed they were but my top 3 snoozers go to:

    House of Sand and Fog

    The girl with the pearl earring

    Another Earth
  • Beautiful_Pain
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    Saving Private Ryan

    The Black Swan
    :noway: I love those!!!
  • xxghost
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    It was just awful.
  • wardamnirish
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    Again, not sure about critical acclaim, but...

    Lone Ranger.

    Dear God, that movie had to be at least 4 hours long. It sure seemed like it.
  • Moxie42
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    Oh...and 'Bridesmaids'....I had a bee in my bonnet over that for at least 3 days. I so wanted to bust Kristen Wiig's character Annie in the face with a chair. Repugnantly weak, shallow, whiny, manipulative, wretched POS female character. If I were her, I would be ashamed for ever playing a role like that. Don't people have any integrity?

    Everybody seemed to love this movie: it just made me angry that there are stupid girls out there like her who drive and vote.

    I hated this movie (except Melissa McCarthy's character) until it became WAY too familiar when my own bridesmaids started having drama. Right now that movie is therapy but I'll probably never watch it after the wedding, lol!
  • SunKissed1989
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    I've never been able to sit through and enjoy the Godfather in all honesty...I'll give it another try as it's on Netflix but not my cuppa tea to be honest.
  • fatcity66
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    I just saw the Crying Game for the first time yesterday. It was on Netflix. Though, I didn't think it was terrible, I couldn't believe that guy didn't know she was a male. I knew from the very beginning, plus they were having drag shows in the frigging bar! A little far-fetched to me.
  • KarmaKills
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    Not sure if it's critically acclaimed or not, but I absolutely hated Gravity. I love Sandra Bullock....but haaaaaaated that movie. zzzzz
  • FatOldManMN
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    Who's Afraid of Forrest Gump....or something like that.
  • amwbox
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    The Sound and the Fury

    The Scarlet Letter

    Ethan Frome

    ^All terrible books.
  • sheclimber
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    Inception. Yuck.
  • amwbox
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    Not sure if it's critically acclaimed or not, but I absolutely hated Gravity. I love Sandra Bullock....but haaaaaaated that movie. zzzzz

    That movie is analogy and allegory for other things.

    Its a coin toss amongst my friends and family between those who got it for what it was trying to convey...and those who thought it was just a movie about someone floating around in space.

    Those who understood it, loved it. Those who didn't, didn't.