Anyone got any tips for constipation, natural remedies??

I was just wondering what people have tried out there to help with constipation. This isn't for me, just thought it would be something to ask in case of anyone out there having that problem. I know I have tried prunes in the past but that really hurt my tummy. I had four c-sections and it really hurt my scar area. I know there are laxatives out there but in case some people don't want to take them or prunes ( or prune juice) what else is out there to help terminate the problem that doesn't hurt your stomach?


  • wizzybeth
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    Fiber supplements like Metamucil, Benefiber, etc. Senekot is a "natural" laxative and is supposed to be really gentle. Also being sure to eat enough fiber-rich foods and drink lots of water.
  • lesliewalker108
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    kashi cereal and 1% milk
  • jorinya
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    I just say something that said coffee is good! And they say too much caffeine is bad for you.
  • hotnumber
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    Lemon juice and water
  • cavia
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    Fish oil.
  • JenD1066
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    Raw baby carrots- natural little brooms for the colon. Drink copious amounts of water to rinse.
  • atypicalsmith
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    Walking. Walk, walk and walk. My grandmother used to tell me that walking was the best thing for your bowels, and that is still my favorite exercise, whether on a treadmill or outside with my dog. I was sick for two weeks and didn't walk and kaboom! Here it came, so to speak.
  • peachyfuzzle
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    Could always apply the Heinz ketchup bottle method, and use a butter knife.*

    *do not actually do this.
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    wizzybeth wrote: »
    Fiber supplements like Metamucil, Benefiber, etc. Senekot is a "natural" laxative and is supposed to be really gentle. Also being sure to eat enough fiber-rich foods and drink lots of water.

    Unless you were constipated from too much fibre!

    Coffee and magnesium would be my suggestions
  • navyrigger46
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    Fiber, fats, and proper ATTG squats.

  • dannatona
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    Drinking hot coffee, followed by ice water ALWAYS works for me.
  • giantrobot_powerlifting
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    Banana, yogurt, apple, then almonds wash it down with a cappuccino and two cups of water, maybe four. Wait.
  • tiannalynn222
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    Peanuts! Lol I had never been regular in my life until I started eating peanuts everyday ( probably the oil ) only bad thing is they are high in fat :(
  • MyaPapaya75
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    Good Ole Fashioned Raisin Bran with Whole Milk...have glass of grape juice after about 4oz swig it down and head for a 30min brisk walk and then back dont need nothing fancy if ya do then you need to see a Doctor.
  • atypicalsmith
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    Or you can start walking a couple of miles every day.
  • kgeyser
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    I remember pear juice being on the list of suggestions on one of the handouts they gave out when I was pregnant. I know this isn't "natural," but liquid glycerin was on the list well. Not a pleasant delivery method but it was pretty much the go-to suggestion if things like fiber, prune or pear juice, walking, more water, stool softeners etc were not giving relief.
  • Tubbs216
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    Well, you could be like the constipated mathematician and work it out with a pencil. :)

    Sensible answer: prune juice. Maybe a suppository to get things moving if you're seriously bunged-up.

    ETA: sorry, just saw that you don't want prunes. Bran flakes, then.
  • ClubSilencio
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    - Increase water intake. (prunes are actually a bad idea if you're not drinking enough water)
    - Ripe banana
    - Apple
    - Go for a walk.
  • macgurlnet
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    I'm still trying to find the balance with the "right" things to eat to keep things moving.

    Keep an eye on your macros - particularly fats and fiber. If you're not getting enough of either of those, that can cause issues. Ensuring you're drinking enough water will help also.

    You've gotten plenty of recommendations for specific things to try; I do find that coffee with some creamer can sometimes do the trick for me.

  • msimpsonep
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    I like drinking dandelion tea :) or kombucha tea probiotics always help