How do you motivate when you are just BURNED OUT?


Maybe it's the Monday blues or this rainy weather here, or that I've hit a plateau and can't seem to get my *kitten* out of it, but I'm feeling burned out today. How do you self motivate when you are just burned out from all endless days of working out and eating well?

I've been at this for several months, 6-7 days a week of waking up at 4:25am, hitting the gym hard, eating wholesome foods, planning meals, tracking and documenting and have made great progress. But I'm just finding it feels so much harder lately.

The first few months I saw results and lost 20lbs and I was in the groove!...but now it's been over 5 weeks with no change and I'm losing that fierce motivation that kept me feeling positive. For the most part, I have embraced this as a lifestyle. I still have a ways to go and I'm going through the motions, but my heart just isn't in it like it once was. People in my life are impressed and inspired by my progress, and I end up being a cheerleader for others. But I don't have anyone inspiring me or being a cheerleader for me. It's funny how when you start taking better care of yourself and making healthier choices, some people who you thought would be happy for you end up distancing themselves. I have found greater support on-line from strangers than from people I thought of as friends.

I'm tired. I want days where my alarm doesn't wake me up so damn early. But I'm afraid if I break my routine, I'll fall off the deep end and stop all together. Or if I stop counting calories I'll revert back to binge eating and unhealthy choices. I'm not just physically tired, but emotionally and mentally too. I get 8 hours of sleep every night but I'm just feeling so drained. It's been such a journey of self reflection and betterment, but man oh man...I'm just really feeling it...

If you have been here and have any insight, please share how you found your way through <3


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    I can't say that I have been there because that is where I am right now! For me on days that I don't want to get up when the alarm goes off I don't - I get up a little later and do some strength training at home or some housework or just watch TV. I think it may take some time to get past the beating yourself up for not staying on your schedule but it is worth it - this may be your bodies way of telling you it needs a break. Since doing this I also found that I am more willing to workout harder when I do workout (and I am seeing results from that).

    I think we all have cheerleaders but like life they may not be cheering us on the way we think they should. But is it not just the fact that by your example you have made changes in others lives so much better?

    Not being sure what types of changes you have made in your eating habits, I did not give up things I didn't feel I could not live without. But even on days that I eat not the best choices I have discovered that I know how to stop and I also pay more attention to serving sizes. Maybe cut yourself some slack in this area every once and a while - what you may discover is that you really don't enjoy eating too much or the not so good options!

    Just like losing the weight took some trials and errors, this phase does as - Best Wishes!
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    Hi girls,
    I am sorry that you are not feeling motivated, however, motivation plateaus, just like weight loss plateaus--are perfectly normal and healthy. There are many things you could try to get things going again. Trying a new workout class, finding a race you want to sign up for, creating an "image board" with you weight loss and fitness goals are all good options. If your budget allows, try buying a fitness gadget with motivation built in. Fitbit has a large online community for their product users, but there are smaller, less expensive options out there too. I just found a new wearable tech sports bra called Sensilk that has a fitness app with heart rate monitoring, goal setting, etc., but it also syncs with MyFitnessPal. These are just a few suggestions, but take each day at a time, don't get bogged down by whatever happened yesterday or last week ... focus on today and the future!!
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    Dont forget the importance of rest. Maybe you need to take a weekend off to bum around, have a well planned treat, and give yourself a rest. I've found I actually make more progress and hit goals faster (and avoid burnout) when I only lift MWF and take the rest of the week off than I did when I worked out 5-6 days a week. Maybe you need to play with scheduling a little to see where your sweet spot is - add a couple active recovery days (walking, yoga, etc) or take weekends off or something.
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    I was feeling like this yesterday....after spending 3 hours meal prepping and taking care of a sick son, as well as not feeling so hot myself. Thankfully it was a rest day, but it was hard to stay on track with the eating and I was feeling down because I was so tired and just frustrated. I don't know why, but it's so much easier to stay on track when I'm at work. I guess because I have work to keep me occupied. Lol. I just have to keep remembering my why's of this whole process. And like you said, it's a lifestyle.
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    I was feeling like this yesterday....after spending 3 hours meal prepping and taking care of a sick son, as well as not feeling so hot myself. Thankfully it was a rest day, but it was hard to stay on track with the eating and I was feeling down because I was so tired and just frustrated. I don't know why, but it's so much easier to stay on track when I'm at work. I guess because I have work to keep me occupied. Lol. I just have to keep remembering my why's of this whole process. And like you said, it's a lifestyle.

    I feel like the OP occasionally too. Went through a little bit of one recently. It is a lifestyle for sure. I was always one of those who never cared about what I ate and I loved to eat whatever, whenever. It finally caught up with me years later and now, I just do what I need to do to be healthy. I would still prefer to live off of deep-dish pizza, pop and cake, mostly every day. But, that can't last forever. If I even start with pizza - all bets are off. So, I use discipline and do what I need to in order to maintain health. I do it because I want to feel good. Feeling crappy is just not a good thing.
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    Wow! I think I just burned out reading that. First breath and remember this is for a lifetime not just several months. I can't believe that your intensity is sustainable. I wake up at 4:50 most mornings and do 3 or 4 more intense workouts per week and 3 or 4 easy on alternating days. Give yourself room to eat out or have a cookie once in awhile. You need to be able to sleep in one day without thinking you will negated all your wonderful gains so far.
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    Extra scoop of C4 pre workout!!! You look Fantastic by the way Congrats!!!
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    You take a break of a few days. Not with the dieting, but with the exercise.

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    Do you take vitamins? Maybe it's some kind of placebo effect, but I notice I feel a little more "capable" of handling my days when I'm steady on my iron/super b complex/fish oil supplements.
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    Looking for some motivation.... bumpin this to read and respond later. B)
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    Sounds like you need a vacation. When I wake up in the morning. And feel like crap, I always remember and focus what my goal is, what I want to achieve, where I want to be, but we also need to heal and learn to enjoy ourselves and our lifestyle, as for your support group, support yourself, after all, these are your dreams and goals, not theirs. Hope that helps and good luck!

    Ps... Massage and swimming are always good ways to rejuvenate!
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    I would look after myself so that i got time to get my mojo back because in the long run that would be more effective towards reaching goal and less miserable. part of that is going to maintenance for a week or more until you get your mojo back and destress. You can also improve your plan. I do understand and empathise with how frustrating it is and burned out you can get. The more ive gone on the more philosophocal i get about the experience and have been fierecely protective of my own wellbeing.
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    you are working out too much, seriously. 6-7 days a week you are going to burn yourself out, especially if you are getting up at 425 in the am.

    Do you strength train, just do cardio, both?

    I would suggest backing your workouts down to 5-6 days a week and having one, one hundred percent rest day where you can sleep in and chill, your body does need a break from time time.

    If you are doing strength training then you may want to consider a de load week ….
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    I always look to Pinterest. Pin some great recipes, pin some great workout ideas, pin some great Yoga stretches, pin some great gardening ideas, pin some great bodies for inspiration... maybe watch a health-related movie. I push myself onto a bike and once I'm on the State Trail, it's so beautiful, that I enjoy it. But I've been in spots where it's been hell to get out of a rut. You just have to forgive yourself & do what you can. You'll get out of it some way, some how.
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    Working out for 6-7 days a week at 4:30 a.m.?? Nope.

    Is this something you can continue for the rest of your life? Because a successful program is something that you can maintain long-term. I'd back off the intensity if I were you. That would just be way too much for me.
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    Take a break! You'll come back stronger. I suffered a profound loss this month - all I've had the energy for was walking . So I walked. My body & mind needed all of the available strength to heal.
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    I'd say one hour periods of staring at the mirror yelling, "You're the f'ing man!! You can do this!!!" followed by 15-20 minute periods of crying like a 5 year old while balled up on the floor is pretty much my standard "get hyped" routine each day. YMMV.

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    You need to learn to train yourself to see working out and eating right as a life style change, not a chore or something that requires effort. Until you do that, your negative mindset will make you feel this way about both of those things, quite regularly to be honest.