How do you motivate when you are just BURNED OUT?



  • kristen6350
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    It it was me, I'd take a break. No more than 1 week. Sometimes you just need a little perspective.
  • atynk
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    Take a week off...get a massage, do your nails, sleep in, but still eat healthy. A week break can do wonders, and you aren't going to lose muscle or progress from 1 week. Maybe try a workout class, or something different for new motivation.
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    i been there, what i did > i took break from exercising for 5 weeks and also i upped my food intake from 1350-1550 + i had 2 days of each of them 5weeks in my break where i ate at maintenence in that time >now iam fine and i just started back working out the week before this 1, so basically i gave my self a semi diet break and full exercise break. now everything is moving smoothly again no pauses so far
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    I am in your shoes as we speak! About 3 weeks ago, it started getting harder and harder to get up at 3:00 AM to get to the gym, and that was after doing it for 3 months so it wasn't exactly a new routine. It started becoming a job and a big, 'ol pain in the *kitten*, so I went with the slump...I stopped going to the gym.

    However, I'm still keeping my caloric intake at a deficit so my weight loss has not stopped, but it has slowed some. I decided over the weekend that I've had enough time, so back to the gym I go tomorrow. Sometimes you just need a break.
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    BFDeal wrote: »
    I'd say one hour periods of staring at the mirror yelling, "You're the f'ing man!! You can do this!!!" followed by 15-20 minute periods of crying like a 5 year old while balled up on the floor is pretty much my standard "get hyped" routine each day. YMMV.

    This is excellent advice especially the going foetal part.
  • MeraiahB
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    relax, breath and look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself why you are doing it. Working out is all and good but that is building muscle. take a break from the gym and try just taking walks for a week or so, look at the flowers , go for hikes, go swimming. You can also re-evaluate what you are eating, what is your calorie intake is it on par , too low, too high? if it is on par take it down a little and see if that helps or cut out dairy for a week, check your water intake and salt intake, water retention is a killer and extra salt and not enough water can cause it. stretch, walk , relax.
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    justcat206 wrote: »
    Dont forget the importance of rest. Maybe you need to take a weekend off to bum around, have a well planned treat, and give yourself a rest. I've found I actually make more progress and hit goals faster (and avoid burnout) when I only lift MWF and take the rest of the week off than I did when I worked out 5-6 days a week. Maybe you need to play with scheduling a little to see where your sweet spot is - add a couple active recovery days (walking, yoga, etc) or take weekends off or something.

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    I know the feeling. It's all part of the process. The thing is, you have to keep making the right choices whether you FEEL like it or not.
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    I don't exercise for endless days for one thing, and not every workout is balls out. I have rest scheduled into my weeks. Not every workout is a "gotta get to the gym and crush it" kind of thing...sometimes my workout is taking my family for a hike in the mountains or hooking up the trailers to the bikes and taking a family ride to the zoo or something for the afternoon.

    Think outside the shouldn't be a grind and you should be giving yourself adequate's just as important as the work.
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    I took a 1 week break, and focused on measurements rather than the scale for a month. Sometimes plateaus happen because you've lost so much fat and gained so much muscle that it balances for a bit. That's ok, and it's good! It generally jumps back in after 5-8 weeks, but you're probably still losing inches.

    Also, remember, as your BMR decreases, so will how much weight you can safely lose. It was around 40 lbs that I slowed from 2 lbs to .5-1 lbs per week, but it will be different for every person. I can't cut my calories any lower without endangering my health, so I had to become aware of the fact that the slower weight loss is a good sign-I'm not fat enough for the fast weight loss anymore!

    Finally, check your vitamin and mineral intake. Women especially can be sensitive to calcium loss, and if your calcium is too low your body will maintain fat cells to try to maintain calcium deposits.
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    Working out every day, especially if you are getting up early, can be a chore. I myself just do some walking after work or during the day since I work out doors. Waiting for weather to get better and time to go golfing. I always carry my clubs which burns a lot of calories and I kind of have fun even though I am a terrible golfer. For me going to the gym and getting on a machine is good but after a while I feel like a hamster on a wheel, going no where fast. i also do little things to get more steps like parking further away at the store when I go or just walk to the store if I am just going for a few things. i am in maintenance now so it's not so urgent to lose a good amount of pounds for me now.
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    I know the feeling. It's all part of the process. The thing is, you have to keep making the right choices whether you FEEL like it or not.

    So true. Goes along with that saying: You either do it or, you don't. It is that simple. Maybe the key is that people, in general want to feel comfortable knowing that don't have to do it? I would love to have someone say that to me (and have it be true). Well, you don't have to....but, those darn consequences....
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    Wow, some tremendous advice! And a few laughs too, thanks for those =)

    It seems a popular trend is taking a break and scheduling some rest days. I have been so focused on not losing focus, that I feel like I'm losing myself in the process. Thanks for the reminder; I really appreciate all your feedback and kind words!

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    When I feel burnt out I make myself exercise for 10 mins once I get up I usually do more but if not at least I did something, hang in there, its ok to take a rest day to as lng a it doesnt turn int a rest week