Progress pic! I have a waist!



  • fatblatta
    fatblatta Posts: 333 Member
    well done!
  • CupcakeQueen86
    CupcakeQueen86 Posts: 76 Member
    Congrats! You look amazing, I've been watching what I eat and doing cardio for around 4 weeks now long way to go but can't wait to get fit! :p
  • CaliforniaRower
    CaliforniaRower Posts: 187 Member
    Astonishing! Terrific!
  • BowHunter1967
    BowHunter1967 Posts: 56 Member
    Omg that is fantastic progress! Good for you and congrats on your hard work!!
  • randiijanay
    randiijanay Posts: 5 Member
    You look great! How long did this take you?
  • fairy2b
    fairy2b Posts: 126 Member
    Thank you! I have been trying to lose weight for a long time but it wasn't until this last January when I started using MFP and learning about nutrition that it actually started coming off and staying off! The before pic was from about a year and a half ago.
  • totaloblivia
    totaloblivia Posts: 1,164 Member
    You look beautiful...what kind of moving more has worked so well for you?
  • fairy2b
    fairy2b Posts: 126 Member
    Thank you! Nothing fancy, primarily cardio... Elipitical and walking mostly! Just started doing circuit training 2x week with weight machines too.
  • Freddi_O
    Freddi_O Posts: 40 Member
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome progress. Check out the legs and waist on you!!! ;)
  • KKJackson91
    KKJackson91 Posts: 69 Member
    You look AMAZING! I have a feeling when I get close to goal I'm going to be built like this and I can't wait to have those curves!:) Gorgeous.
  • shellyb17
    shellyb17 Posts: 144 Member
    Amazing, you look great!! Congrats!
  • Asher_Ethan
    Asher_Ethan Posts: 2,430 Member
    Awesome bod!!!!
  • deliberatelyliz
    deliberatelyliz Posts: 3 Member
    God, you look FANTASTIC! You've got AMAZING curves! You should be proud of all you've accomplished!! I hope I look half as amazing as you after I lose weight and alive!
  • Emi1974
    Emi1974 Posts: 522 Member
    :) Fantastic results
  • JillianRN527
    JillianRN527 Posts: 109 Member
    Hot girl check in! Amazing!
  • cblue315
    cblue315 Posts: 3,836 Member
    Yowsa! You go girl!
  • DrunkInAGolfCart
    DrunkInAGolfCart Posts: 57 Member
    You've got such an amazing body! Your waist is tiny! I'm the same shape as you - or was. Difference is I looked roughly the same as you in your "before" pic a couple of years ago and kept putting off getting in shape to the point where I ended up another 50lbs heavier. Put it on so fast! I don't know if I'll ever get my body into the sort of shape you did in your "after" pic but I tell ya, it's I'm sure as hell gonna try. Amazing inspiration!
  • fairy2b
    fairy2b Posts: 126 Member
    Thank you everyone for all your kind words! I am continuously amazed at all the fantastic support from our stellar community here! I feel so honored to have inspired some of you and I believe in all of you!!! <3
  • mausbop
    mausbop Posts: 554 Member
    You have done an amazing progress, simply amazing giiiirl!!! ;)
  • erojoy
    erojoy Posts: 554 Member
    HOLY CRAP. You look hot! Nice work!
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