Did you change your goal weight once you got there?

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  • onlyadrizzle
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    I'm 5 pounds away from my goal weight and I'm planning on changing it again once I get there, I'm not sure what I want my overall goal to be so I think I'll continue to try and lose until I'm happy!
  • Mouse_Potato
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    Yep. I've dropped it by 3 pounds and I suspect I will drop it again. I want a flat tummy and my body is all "nah, let's define those hamstrings first!" ;)
  • Emilia777
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    Yup… just today I was thinking of setting a new goal, as I recently passed my old one. But I’m more focused on strength training and the like lately, so weight itself is less important than the way my body is shaping up (and lifting heavier weights) :smile:
  • allenpriest
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    Of course - because I set a big goal but then set much smaller goals. So I set 15 pound incremental goals as I go.
  • manicautumn
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    Yeah. Last summer I was aiming for 120lbs and then decided to lower my goal to 105lbs once I reached my initial goal. When I got to 115lbs, I realized I didn't want to go that low. (I'm starting again from a higher weight, but I'm using 110lbs as a placeholder.)
  • parkerpowerlift
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    Yes, I did. I lost my first 40 pounds from running. All that I did was deflate my body and I was a smaller version of puff who gained an running addiction. I dropped my goal weight from 170 to 160. I currently have 8-9 pounds to go. I introduced heavy lifting and strength training into my routine back in March and even though my weight has stalled, I've lost 5.5 inches and one dress size! So who knows what my ultimate-ultimate goal will be!
  • shaunjadon
    shaunjadon Posts: 56 Member
    Like the above poster said, I broke my ultimate goal down into mini goals. I'm doing small goals of 15lbs at the moment (down the first 15!!!!) I started at 254lbs and my ultimate goal is about 140-145lbs (I'm 5'4"). Right now I'm focusing on making it to 180lbs. I was the "fat" kid so all throughout high school I weighed 200+lbs. I'm down to 237 and it feels better saying I have 57lbs to go rather than I have 97lbs to go. Its really a mental thing for me as I'm learning much of weight loss is a mental battle. Of course depending on my body, my ultimate goal is subject to change. "Thick" is in and every person around my age (I'm 25) that I tell my ultimate goal to is totally against me getting that "skinny". I'd rather be "fit thick" than fat thick though LOL.
  • JillianRN527
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    I haven't decided my goal weight quite yet. I would like to lose 70 pounds but I want to see what I can't maintain. If I can lose 50 and go to the gym three days a week and have no issues maintaining it I will chose 50. I don't want to yo-yo any more.
  • cwolfman13
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    No because I never had a specific weight in mind. Body weight is made up of many things, not just fat and I think people tend to forget that.

    My goal was more BF% and composition related. Also, a lot of people who think they need to keep dropping Lbs don't...it often is simply a matter of body composition for which incessant dieting isn't going to fix.
  • mskinner1091
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    Unfortunately I had to. Starting weight was 185lbs. I'm 5'6". My original goal weight was 145lbs. I hit that goal last week & im definitely not where I thought I would be once I hit 145lbs. My new goal weight, & hopefully last, is 135lbs.
  • rayw89
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    I started at 184 lbs. with a goal weight of 140 lbs. (I'm 5' 8") That number seemed right at first, for my height, but about half way through the process I decided on 134 lbs. instead. I'm glad I reassessed my goal, because I'm 5.6 lbs. away from the 140 lb. goal, and I still have plenty of flub to lose. I do think the 134 will be pretty spot-on though, it looks like I have around 12 more extra pounds on me. :)
  • ammo7
    ammo7 Posts: 188 Member
    Yep, my goals have changed as I approached them.
    My first goal was to get to the weight that would put me in the healthy BMI category (about 145lb, and I'm 5'4''). Once I got there, I realized that I want to truly be healthy and live an active lifestyle, not just scrape into the healthy category. It may seem silly, but I really just thought I was meant to be "bigger" than everyone else; I realize that's not true now, and that my body was a product of not treating it right.
    I'm now 133lb, and working on getting below 125lb, but I really have no idea what goal weight to set. Now it's more of a goal lifestyle, with strength goals.
  • Kelll12123
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    Absolutely! I'm 5'6" and started at 175 lbs. My goal was to get to 150 pounds, since that's the highest weight in the normal BMI range. My next goal was 135 since its about in the middle of the normal range, but when I got there, I still wasn't happy, so I adjusted to 125. I hit 125 yesterday and I think I'm going to try to get down to 120 pounds, but focus on running and fitness mostly, instead of the number on the scale.
  • courtneymedwell2014
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    Yep! Reached my goal weight on Friday and have decided I want to lose another 5kg and go from there. I am trying to be easier on myself and not quite as obsessive about weight loss and weighing myself and focusing more on my fitness etc.
  • arussell134
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    Yes. I thought I'd be thrilled to hit 135 (I started at 166), and I was... but I realized for my chosen sport (distance running), I could do well to lose a few more. Currently 130 aiming for 125-127ish. However, my desire to get there super fast isn't really there. It took me 7 months to get to 135 and about 6 months to get to 130. LOL! At this rate, I'll prob hit my new goal around the holidays. :)
  • MissJay75
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    I had between 130 and 135 in mind, depending on how I looked when I got there. I'm quite content at 130.
  • joshuapowell1989
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    Starting at 188lb I gave myself one Major Goal - To get to 140lb.
    and 3 minor goals within that. (Each 14lb / 1 stone).

    I've already hit 1 minor goal so 2 more to go then a little bit more after that until I hit the major.

    Once I get to 140lb I will see how I look and reassess :)
  • Exegi_Corpus
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    I always have a main goal and smaller ones in between my current state and my main goal. Step by step I reach then, yes, change it.
  • jorinya
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    My final target weight stays the same for now 65kg - 67kg. My goal weight always changes. It was 80kg, kicked it. Now its 78kg, getting there. Then down to 75kg until I reach a weight I'm comfortable being!! Small goals = Big results!!!
  • DeterminedFee201426
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    Far as my main goal weight Yes (115 ') changed when i got to it :disappointed:
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