Most embarrassing gym experience!

determinedmills Posts: 11 Member
Seeing as I seem to find myself looking a fool on a weekly basis at the gym, I thought I'd get a thread going to share and cringe in communal spirit at each others gym misfortunes.

The one that springs to mind instantly for me was when I still weighed about 200lbs and was doing a 50cal burn on the rowing machine with my personal trainer. Such was the intensity with which I was rowing that at one stage the seat went backward but I did not and I landed, buttcrack first, on the rail the seat slides along before falling to one side. Because my feet were secured in the stirrups and I was still a chunky monkey, I couldn't pull myself back up as the only thing I could grab was the rowing grip which of course, was on a chord.

I was surrounded by about 30 people on treadmills who all got a good laugh at my expense. I was left red faced...and sore arsed! :D


  • BrendanDunn
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    Pants fell down deadlifting everything was out
  • Paula5130
    Paula5130 Posts: 27 Member
    Fell off the treadmill
  • soldiergrl_101
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    Dam, why doesnt that ever happen when I'm in the weight room? Generally I am a hot mess with whatever I touch for the first two weeks in the gym
  • BrendanDunn
    BrendanDunn Posts: 3,225 Member
    Come il show you ;)
  • samthepanda
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    List is endless!!! hypothermia, panic attack, spilt my drink all over the place, locked myself out of my locker....
  • highvox11
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    Made the mistake of wearing grey cotton pants to Zumba...:(, sweated so much it looked like I needed a change of clothes (Well who'd a thunk you can sweat everywhere!? :( ), then had to walk the length of the gym because the zumba studio is in the back :(. Grey pants should be outlawed!
  • alyhuggan
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    Spewed and then tried to swallow it to avoid embarrassment (x2)

    Farted loudly while girls were walking past whilst on the leg press

    Dropped the weights onto metal bars during rack pulls as I accidentally left an extra 15kg plate on one side while the gym was quiet. Everyone was staring at me

    My friend almost knocked a whole station over, luckily it was past 1am and no-one saw/heard it
  • williamwj2014
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    can't really think of any for myself that was memorable but I can speak on behalf of a girl that almost went into the mens locker room and I saw her and went "wrong way" and gave her a smirk. hahaha she must have been embarrassed.
  • highvox11
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    Or that one time I had no idea my bathing suit for swimming laps had been used so much that the chlorine had eaten a giant see through spot in the suit (but not enough for it to look like a Hole when the suit is not on you), so the whole point in why people wear bathing suits was useless. Not only could you see ALL my goodies and business, but again, I ended up walking the length of the pool and locker room before I saw myself in a mirror! :(.
  • bubbles9021
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    I'm quite a busty lady, so I now try to avoid treadmills.. long story short - unless you have a well supported bra/sports bra on don't attempt to run. Boob-age may pop out!
  • usmcmp
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    I was running on the treadmill while watching COPS. They did a pit maneuver, I dodged and fell off the treadmill.
  • Justinelovezumba32
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    I was at zumba and had a clip in ponytail. I got to dancing a little too hard and the ponytail came flying out my head! The instructor just picked it up and put it on the table behind her. I just kept going
  • rugbyphreak
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    I'm quite a busty lady, so I now try to avoid treadmills.. long story short - unless you have a well supported bra/sports bra on don't attempt to run. Boob-age may pop out!

    I triple up on bras when I run. I had a lot of embarrassing moments with boobage... Muffin boob happens and that's fine, but when the hole thing decides to take a vacation from bra-land, we have a problem...
  • quiksylver296
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    usmcmp wrote: »
    I was running on the treadmill while watching COPS. They did a pit maneuver, I dodged and fell off the treadmill.

    Bwahahahaha! Feeling guilty?

    I couldn't get my bench weight back up and tried to roll it down my body to get it off. It got hung up on my iPhone that was clipped on my waist. Of course, big hunky guy came to help out lil' ol' me, which made it even more embarrassing.
  • ndj1979
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    was doing barbell chest press and got the bar pinned on my chest...that freaking sucked...

  • JayRuby84
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    Was feeling sexy and strong doing upper body stuff...then looked and noticed my deodorant was all balled up in my pits. The other was when I was doing jumps and couldn't hold my bladder. Had to walk across the gym to the ladies room to mop things up. Humbled my buns right away.
  • shrinkingletters
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    I planned a quick 3-miler on the treadmill. I walked in with my earbuds on, saw an empty mill, stepped on it without really looking or listening....whoever was on it last, left it running. REALLY running.

    I stepped on and immediately my feet disappeared from underneath me. I was able to catch the side-rails just barely in time to not hit the the moving tread face-first, but in trying to catch myself, my right knee and left shin took something of a beating. I managed to fall on my knees away from the moving treadmill, but not before my earbuds disconnected from my cellphone, which I had to go back and grab because that thing just flew away. I was SO embarrassed (this was a treadmill in front of the windows, at the front of the gym), I just jumped back on the treadmill like nothing happened and ran my 3 miler.

    It wasn't until I got to the car that I realized I'd actually lost some skin and was bleeding on my left shin, and my knee was bruised and swollen. I remember just sitting there with my head on the steering wheel for a while before finally driving back home.

    The worst part for me was no one laughed. I was laughing. Everyone else was too embarrassed for me.
  • Tialuna18
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    being too short to get off the lap pull down because I put the weight up too high x_X
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    You know that uncomfortable feeling you have when you feel like someone's watching you? Well I found out from another gal at the gym that she had been noticing this Guy following me around the gym and apparently when I was on the treadmill he got on the elliptical behind me and didn't move just stood on it staring for about 35 minutes straight. :open_mouth: I guess that's more creepy than embarrassing, but I haven't been back there since! :fearful: