Anyone else have trouble eating healthy when your S/O does not?



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    ... Or if we decide on fast food and he wants somewhere that doesn't have healthy options I will just say yes ...
    For fast food, I will almost always just order from the kids menu. The portions about right for an adult. Example: Cheeseburger happy meal with coke = 510 calories. I usually opt for diet coke or water though, which is 410 calories for the meal. Plus you get a toy!

    Just because you eat fast food doesn't mean you have to get a double cheeseburger, large fries & large coke. You can still portion control and stay within your goals.

    true! i order off kids meals all the time. and i don't even really pay attention to how healthy something is on a menu, i pay attention to the calories. if i want something i get it! but i prelog and preplan so that i do not go over my daily calories. i build my day around something special, or from fastfood/restaurants.
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    Ok, I'm kind of the (non-dieting) S/O here... Except my wife and I aren't "Dieting", we're making a conscious choice to move to a healthier lifestyle. I've decided to back her up in her journey, by starting one of my own... The way I see it we do not have different goals. We have the same one, to be as healthy as we can. We may have different calorie targets but we still both need to keep our nutrients balanced and exercise.

    When we go out to eat, we order our meal and a take out container... half the food goes in and it's lunch tomorrow.

    I am a "junk food junkie". That's part of why I'm here. The best way of controlling my bad habit is logging. I hate logging in half a box of Little Debbies so if I'm logging I just don't eat them. And so my Cholesterol stays in the good range. Yay!

    So my Wife gets the Love and support she deserves and I get to run 5k's (something I've never been able to do before, and didn't even think was possible)
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    I deal with this all the time.
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    Yes! I deal with this all the time! A few months ago I began cooking simple-to-make separate meals for us - this way I can stick to my daily calories and macros while he eats foods he likes, too. I'll save up calories for Pizza nites or our dinner date nites out...
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    Yes I used to have these fights with my guy. But he is very supportive and once I explained my health reasons behind doing it he got on board. I realized I had to take responsibility for my own food choices and not blame him if things weren't going well. Sometimes that means eating something different than him, other times it's just to eat less. Eating out take a little planning in advance. If I know earlier in the day or the night before that we're going out I'll plug different options into my food log and look at the results. Or if we on the go and decide to stop for fast food, I'll quickly type into Google on my phone "eat this not that Wendy's" (for example) and can get some quick ideas for what are the lower calorie options for the restaurant
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    My husband doesn't have the desire to improve his eating habits so every meal is a big ordeal lol and I hate to admit but a lot of times I just give in and eat what he eats to avoid arguing. Anyone else in a similar situation?

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    I'm confused as to what argument can have with him regarding what YOU'LL eat. If he doesn't want to "improve his eating habits" then he can eat what he wants, he's a big boy. However, you can eat what YOU want.

    My husband isn't trying to drop weight like I am, we eat together, and most of the time (90% of the time because I love to cook) I am the one preparing meals, but that doesn't mean I drop my eating habits or throw portion control out the window. He can be picky - he's all for southern food, meat and potatoes, pasta, etc (which I LOVE and some may say are "unhealthy") and I still make all that food, but I don't over do it when I eat it. Watch your portions or modify a meal FOR YOU. Instead of something you may consider unhealthy that he enjoys - why not make that for him and something you want that's a better option for you? Don't make excuses, find solutions.

    I'm sure it's annoying to your husband if (not saying you are doing this, but an example) you want to shove a bunch of kale down his throat when he didn't make the same choice you did. You changing your eating habits can even be intimidating for him, maybe he thinks you want to change him or any change in general can be scary for some (especially food since it can be so comforting). You can still enjoy the same foods, but you can do so sensibly - don't go overboard, fit those "unhealthy" foods into your calories/macros. If your hubs isn't interested in your health kick, that's fine, he doesn't have to be it's about YOU not him.

    Don't blame someone else for "giving in" unless they are literally force feeding you.

    Good luck.

    I guess what I mean is he for example he will make meatloaf, poatotoes, corn, rolls for dinner and I will barely eat any of it or just want a salad and then I feel bad because he made all that food and I let it go to waste. Or if we decide on fast food and he wants somewhere that doesn't have healthy options I will just say yes if it's something he was really wanting. Idk my own fault I guess lol just wondering how others deal with it

    whats wrong with meat loaf, potatoes, corn, and rolls?

    it's just a lot of food and when i pick at it i feel bad because he thinks i don't like it but i'm just trying to not eat so much

    look, i know what you mean. it's a big tray of food. and you have no self control. i get it. i'm the same way with most certain foods. best thing to do is to serve yourself half of what you are actually going to have. that way you can go for "seconds" and you still have your meal. also, before you eat, put the stuff in containers for leftovers.

    Thank you!
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    I feel you! My s/o and I butt heads on that all the time. It can be tough when you are trying to stick to a meal plan and there is a lack of support. This man ate TWO rib eye steaks the other night in front of me, while i ate my extra lean pork. It was really annoying.
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    My wife has been pretty supportive. She does not eat a lot of junk food or want it in the house. However, she has let our teenager, PS1, take over the cooking (14 yo with a gas stove and oven, what could possibly go wrong?). He does like some richer or starchier foods, but fortunately he does like good vegetables also (though not all of them). I am just getting better at weighing out portions and opting out of eating the carb-laden foods (pasta, couscous, etc.) And yes, I actually set a smaller plate for myself.

    That said, we tend to run out by the weekend so we tend to go out then. PS2 really likes the fast food places, but fortunately PS1 now feels he is above them. I have been eating smaller portions or putting less on my plate if we bring home carry out. Also, I am trying to plan ahead to leave myself a bigger calorie allowance.

    @shannonbrown0421 do you do any of the cooking? Maybe, like others, you should cook healthier stuff when you have the chance.

    Well currently I'm working and he's not so he's been doing the cooking and he's VERY picky and won't eat a lot of the dinners I would eat but every now and then I will cook a separate dinner but it gets expensive
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    If I didn't eat what my husband cooks I would starve. I'm not big on cooking for myself (which is part of the reason I am the way I am). I eat what he makes, I just eat less of it and pair it with a salad or extra veggies.

    He is much more conscious of his past overuse of butter/oils which is very helpful.