Feeling a little down and lonely tonight :/

Feeling blah about everything, looking for some support or cheer me ups!


  • StereophoneyGaz
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    Cheer up, don't give up on yourself :)
  • Bennysammysofie39
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  • ScottMarq
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    Need to know who is so cali?
  • shannonbrown0421
    shannonbrown0421 Posts: 47 Member
    Thank you
  • htg20
    htg20 Posts: 116 Member
    Ditto. Here's to a brighter tomorrow!
  • JasmineF20
    JasmineF20 Posts: 12 Member
    cheer up ! I get like that to but remember only you can control your happiness.
  • thewillamettemom
    thewillamettemom Posts: 2 Member
    We all have those days! I find getting outside and walking really boosts my mood. Maybe watch a funny show. Watch some funny animal videos. :)
  • jl584508
    jl584508 Posts: 1 Member
    Listening to stand-up comedy or a podcast helps distract me from myself. Good luck!
  • CaliGal777
    CaliGal777 Posts: 2 Member
    I agree about getting outdoors...great mood lifter. I get down most at night after work when I'm tired. That's when I'm weakest. So glad to see so many here sharing :)
  • deanspools2013
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    You are hot ;)
  • Kmedeiros83
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    Classy, lol
  • shannonbrown0421
    shannonbrown0421 Posts: 47 Member
    Thanks everyone, the weather has been crappy here in Michigan but hoping today's a better day, we will see
  • deanspools2013
    deanspools2013 Posts: 578 Member
    Classy, lol

    Lol, right? Seemed supportive
  • 999tigger
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    tomorrow is a new day and awesome things could happen, ofc it could be complete crap, but we live in hope. You should always try and do a few things each day to cheer yourself up. eat properly, relax and get a decent nights sleep.
  • BootCampC
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    Feel the Love! when i get that way which is today as well , i look at the things i am thankful for in my life , friends loved ones , things i got myself , even small things like my sight my ability to move or make someone else happy.. just a thought
  • Marchmallow
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    Sending positive thoughts :) x