Dog or cat person ?

Heydi79 Posts: 79 Member
I am a dog person :) 2 wieners :) and goooo...


  • _John_
    _John_ Posts: 8,632 Member
    If I can't leave it for a week or be gone all day without it causing problems I don't want it in my house, and yes I realize my son falls under this criteria but I can't just board him, so I make an exception.
  • zoeysasha37
    zoeysasha37 Posts: 7,089 Member
    Dogs....i think cat litter smells so have never considered owning a cat...
  • titanspen214
    titanspen214 Posts: 101 Member
  • s_y8s
    s_y8s Posts: 1,849 Member
    Love both!
  • nerdgirlinlv
    nerdgirlinlv Posts: 32 Member
    Dogs! I have 3 JRT mystery mixes who help me stay very active !
  • LCt99
    LCt99 Posts: 27 Member
  • slideaway1
    slideaway1 Posts: 1,006 Member
    I love dogs too, but I have a cat called Willow. She's off her head. :)
  • NickyChafer
    NickyChafer Posts: 17 Member
    I'm an animal lover in general, of the hairy kind.....I don't like reptiles or insects. Horses are my passion, and it have 2 cats, Luna a tabby cross and Blue a registered main coon.
  • bubaluboo
    bubaluboo Posts: 2,098 Member
    My profile pic says it all! Had JRTs growing up and now a miniature schnauzer. I love that he gets me out running whatever the weather.
  • SuperSnoopy
    SuperSnoopy Posts: 3,464 Member
    Definitely a cat person I just love *kitten*. ,!
  • tryclyn
    tryclyn Posts: 2,414 Member
    Both, of course. :)
  • backtofit68
    backtofit68 Posts: 1,011 Member
    Dog for sure .

    Have a English Bulldog and a Boston terrier.
  • LiquidSparkle86
    LiquidSparkle86 Posts: 736 Member
    Dog. Wiener dogs in particular!!!!
  • softblondechick
    softblondechick Posts: 1,276 Member
    Cat. Dogs never leave you alone.
  • Lisa1971
    Lisa1971 Posts: 3,069 Member
    Both! I have 3 bad cats and a pit bull named Ruby.
  • hbrittingham
    hbrittingham Posts: 2,523 Member
    Used to be a cat person, but I am definitely a dog person now. I have three cats who range in age from 13 to 19. When they pass on, I won't have any more cats. We have 4 dogs right now and we board and train dogs, so there are times we have upwards of 10 dogs at our house.
  • uscooleys
    uscooleys Posts: 34 Member
    Both -- border collie named Elvira and a tuxedo cat named Nigel.
  • heavyduty1981
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  • Organicgasm
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