Dog or cat person ?



  • sugaandgrits
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  • MusicalMelanie11
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    Definitely dogs! Cats are eeevil... And I'm allergic, so that helps.
  • Hey_Its_That_One_Guy
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    Dog in the streets, cats in the sheets! Can't really take cats on runs.
  • blossomholly
    blossomholly Posts: 5,179 Member
    Doggys for sure! I do own a cat but not by choice she just decided to live at my house! (But def no inside cat)
  • HollyMGT
    HollyMGT Posts: 111 Member
    I'm an animal lover in general, of the hairy kind.....I don't like reptiles or insects. Horses are my passion, and it have 2 cats, Luna a tabby cross and Blue a registered main coon.

    Your cats are GORGEOUS!!!
    I'm a cat person too, have 2 girls, Jaxyn who's 15 and Cassy who's 4.
  • transparentenigma
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    2 Strays I adopted... Poogie and Lyon, pics will follow soon. :D
  • Iscah13
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    Dogs. He gets me and has won numerous cuddling awards. My cat is just pure evil.
  • RNGRZulu
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    Big doggies

  • Iscah13
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    ^^the bigger the better when it comes to dogs and pizza.
  • wholenewjessica
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    Dog, cat, and hedgehogs!!!
  • blondeinnj
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    Dogs! Pomeranian and Pitbull
  • sw33tp3a11
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    I can't choose. I love them both.
  • mistikal13
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    Dog lover over here!
  • musclegood_fatbad
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    Not even close, Dog
  • dawn_noelle29
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    I have both and many years ago I would have considered myself a cat person...that was...until I got my dog and now I'm most definitely a dog person. Nothing beats that bond but I love all animals in general.
  • mericose
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  • 1shauna1
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    I have two dogs but I also love cats, am just really allergic so I can't have one. All animals make me smile!
  • SoDamnHungry
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    Dogs are alright, but I can never have enough cat time. Cats cats cats cats cats.
  • RNGRZulu
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  • ItsMeGee3
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