Get rid of my larger clothes or keep?

I've been on MFP for over 750 days. I have gone from a size 14 to a 6 & xl to medium currently. I have gotten off track & have gained back almost 15 lbs yoyoing over the last 9 months. I'm trying to figure out if I should get rid of my size xl tops & 14 & 12 bottoms. We don't have a lot of money & I keep my clothes a long time, I have one Disney sweatshirt that's over 15 yrs old & I wear it most the winter every year. I don't have anything nice - jeans, pants, xl shirts & some sweaters. I'm not sure if I want to get rid of most my sweatshirt except I have another free damaged Disney that has always been too big, like xx or xxx, that I really need to let go of. I'm not a hoarder I just worry that I may need them after they r gone & then I would have to waste money to replace them. Tks for ur answers.


  • pineapple_jojo
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    If you have a sweatshirt you love then keep it! Even if it is too big :) an oversized sweatshirt can look really cute!! Given that you are on a tight budget I'd get rid of anything that is absolutely falling off you and can't be adjusted to fit and maybe keep the items that can still be worn and look ok with a belt or anything that can be tailored to fit - time to get out the sewing machine!!
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    IMO,get rid of them.if you don't you'll have in your mind that you can or will go back to size 14 and oversized sweatshirt is okay to lounge in or work in or whatever,but a drawer full of 'fat' clothes should not be in your judgement but that's possibly why you yoyo'd this last time.
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    Only ever keep your absolute favorites that you would cry over if you gained the weight back ad lost (ie. I had two fabulous dresses I should have kept). Get rid of the rest,
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    I joined a weight-loss support group with people in all different sizes. If you have oversized clothes you bring them to the meeting, and others take them. Its a great way to "pay it forward". The group is called TOPS and you could even just call up the leader of the group in your area, and just donate, not join I would imagine.
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    I recently went through all of my clothes and moved everything into the spare room. Once there I started the sort and purge - anything damaged or that I would never wear again was tossed, next anything too big went into bags for future donation and stored in the garage, with summer having just finished the summer only clothes also went into bags as I expect them to be too big for next year. What was left was a much smaller pile of clothes I currently wear which went back into the wardrobe and a pile of clothes to transition to as I get smaller. Anytime something starts to look/feel too big it gets added to the bags and I periodically try on the clothes in the transition pile which is stacked by size. I probably won't donate the bags in the shed until I'm well into maintenance and am comfortable but in the meantime have a lot more room in the house for storage and the motivation of getting too big clothes out of sight
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    I would get rid of most things that don't fit unless you could alter them to fit.
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    @KiwiAlexP good for you! Its nice to be in control of your closet, as well as the pantry huh? Your closet should reflect you at your best, not your past best, or your future I want to be best. I never understood why people kept clothes that realistically they will never fit in. To hold on to memories of maybe a pre-children time, when you fit into this or that seems like negative making self esteems issues right there.
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    Get rid of them. It's cleansing for the soul, lol.
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    I get rid of them as I go. I can't keep five different wardrobes in my closet and I don't plan to gain again, so out they go.

    If they're still newish, I sell them on eBay. If they're snagged or have any sort of stain, I give them to battered women who have left their homes and have no clothes.

    It might be good incentive not to gain. If you don't have fatter clothes and can't afford to buy fatter clothes, you won't eat so much that you burst out of the ones you have!
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    i got rid of them...all of it except for one outfit to remember me of what i was.

    i decided the weight comes off ( and it is coming off very smoothly i must say).
    And i decided also it stays off

    So why keep my old "not fitting" clothes?
    But my overall opinion is that this "feeling/attitude" will be different for everybody.

  • rachel53223
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    I get that it cost a lot of money to buy a new wardrobe all the time. If you are good with a sewing machine or know someone, get them to take some of the clothes in or make it smaller. I have a friend that didn't want to let go of her clothes once she got smaller because of the feelings attached to them, so she made a blanket out of them. They were all older sweatshirts and tshirts, and it really looks good. It's a memory. But if you want to use them as much as possible - take them in, fix them up to fit your new body.
  • saraonly9913
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    Wow. I'm the odd person. I save my big clothes just like I thankfully saved my smaller clothes as I fit in them again. I hope I will never wear my big clothes again but I never know what life will throw at me.
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    Get rid of them! Think of all the people that can use them.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    I get rid of them. I let my friends have their pick and donate the rest to the Church closet.

    IF i have them, i have a cushion for gaining weight. I don't need that cushion. Not having larger clothes is incentive to NOT gain weight back, as I can't afford to go buy new ones LOL
  • debubbie
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    I have been getting rid of mine, except for an outfit or two to use as comparison from where I was before to where I am now. For me, keeping them was an excuse to let myself go back to being big enough to wear them again. I try to find stuff on clearance when I transition from one size to another to decrease expense. I also try to find pieces that can be dressy or casual to help get more bang for my buck.

    I definitely agree with the other posters if it is too big and doesn't look good on you and can't be altered to fit you, then give it away to someone that could use it. Next weekend I plan on purging a bunch of my drawers and stowaway clothes to see what else I should be getting rid of since I plan on buying some new stuff when school starts back in two months (I am hoping to be down another size or two by then). I have a rule that before I can buy new stuff, I have to get rid of the old stuff that I am not wearing. But, that is what works for me and you have to find what works best for you. Congratulations on your weight loss and I know you will be back to where you were 9 months ago. :)
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    It has been a step by step process for me. Get rid of 14-12's. and yesterday made a special pile of 10's that I still like, but too big. Why ? I don't know. Now wearing 6-8. And I plan on staying here. Forever. :)
  • barbecuesauce
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    I'm getting rid of them. I think I'm going to keep the clothes that fit me right now (9 pounds above goal, who knows how many inches once I recomp), but adios to all my 1Xs and size 16s.
  • tomatoey
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    I regained a bit of weight after I got injured and wished I'd kept a few things.

    I think a good middle ground (budget wise) would be to keep things that are one size up from where you are now. Put them in a box somewhere just in case. If you have to go to those clothes, it's time to tighten up the diet again. Do not allow yourself to go more than one size up if you can help it.

    But that Medium to 16 is quite a size difference - so I'd donate or get rid of the XL, 14 and 16.
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    I understand your trepidation. I didn't have many nice cloths at my largest, but the size that is getting too big now, I was at for a long time. I have some really cute things. They stop looking cute when they are falling off. It helps if I can find somewhere to donate them where I know the women really need them. I am going to try battered women's or homeless shelters.