Get rid of my larger clothes or keep?



  • lillyrose2020
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    Sell your old clothes on ebay. Then you can buy clothes that fit with the money!
    That's what I've been doing and I've been pleasantly surprised to find people will pay actual money for my old clothes!
  • rachelbouc
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    Keep your special sweatshirt. When I first lost a significant amount of weight I donated all of my old clothes to thrift stores, because they hardly ever have any larger sizes! Some I also passed up to my sister (unfortunately) who was grateful to get what I had. I think I also sold them as a lot on ebay which was an awesome idea and can get you money for new clothes.
    In addition, if you think you may be going down in size further get clothes from the thrift store. Some have really nice clothes and the prices are awesome. In other words, a temporary wardrobe for less.
  • atypicalsmith
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    As I shed weight, I got rid of any clothes that were too big. They all made me look like a homeless man because once I hit 140 pounds, which is 30-35 over what I should weigh, I refused to buy stylish "fat clothes." (I eventually got to a smidgeon under 170.) They all came from Goodwill or on sale at Walmart. Now that I'm nearly 140 again, I'm fitting back into my semi-stylish clothes and people started asking me why I was all dressed up. I'm loving it!
  • crazyjerseygirl
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    Throwing in.
    I tend to chuck clothing once it no longer fits, but I don't have to worry about the financial burden of replacements.

    Can you box them up and shove them somewhere out of sight? Under the bed, back of a closet, something like that?

    That way if you really need them they are there, but they wouldn't be constantly reminding you.
  • annette_15
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    Get rid of the bottoms for sure. Maybe keep a couple of tops to lounge around in at home.. I love oversized sweaters and tshirts for this :D
  • rugratz2015
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    I lost a lot of weight a few years ago but never got rid of my old 'big' clothes and I ended up wearing them again, AND gone bigger. If I had got rid of them it wouldn't have been so easy to get bigger as I would have had to make more of an effort to fit into what I had. I've been buying in sales and 2nd hand as I don't want to pay full price for something I'm only going to wear for a sort time. This time I will get rid of them, because I never want to be this fat again, saw a pic of myself on fb and I'm disgusted how I look. Keep the sweater, dump everything else x
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    I got rid of all my big clothes. if you dont have the budget you can always look at goodwill,salvation army,thrift stores for clothing if the need arises.I keep being motivated by knowing that I have to keep doing what i am to fit into my smaller clothing. I never want to be big again unless its something I cant prevent
  • atypicalsmith
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    I did, however, keep all of the clothes I outgrew, so I'm working my way back through them.
  • mk2fit
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    I donated all of my big clothes. I never want to be big again, so getting rid of them was a big motivator. I, too, saved a couple pairs of pants that are a size too big. Sometimes it is nice to "swim" in some clothes. I saved almost all of my small clothes so I didn't have to worry about buying a bunch of new clothing.
  • barbecuesauce
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    I had a huge depressive fit a few months before I started losing weight and tossed everything I thought I would never fit into again. I wish I'd kept some of the better pieces!
  • RetiredAndLovingIt
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    Thrift stores are a great idea for everyday clothes (& sometimes nicer things, too). One store around here has "all the red tags" for 25 cents. They do it in 2 week intervals, each time changing the tag color that is on special. I have gotten a lot of t-shirts this way (which is what I live in 90% of the time, lol).
  • kfdcem
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    Do you sew, or have a friend who does? Maybe you could barter with them for some alterations. Some things can't be taken in enough, but others can. I've managed to make some of my things last from a 24 to about an 18, though most of them really can't go any smaller without looking ridiculous.

    Also, old clothes can be cut up to use as dish rags and stuff. I've also sewn a few cute things for my kid from my old stuff. Money's tight around here, so I use the bigger clothes to help stretch the budget in other ways.
  • Tubbs216
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    This is not my first rodeo. I lost all the same weight 4 years ago, and ended up gaining it all back, plus a bit more. I'd got rid of everything that was too big, and it was depressing to have to buy new stuff again. I can't decide if it's realistic or defeatist to keep things this time, but that's what I've decided to do. I'm keeping things like basic black pants and a couple of nice tops and dresses, but they won't stay in my closet. I plan to pack them up and hide them away in case of emergency at a later date.

    Fortunately I never got rid of all the cute smaller clothes I could no longer fit as I gained weight though, so it's been fun shrinking back into those!
    kfdcem wrote: »
    Also, old clothes can be cut up to use as dish rags and stuff. I've also sewn a few cute things for my kid from my old stuff. Money's tight around here, so I use the bigger clothes to help stretch the budget in other ways.
    Something I saw once was a quilt made from someone's outgrown clothes. That's a really nice idea.
  • bobbysue123
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    In my experience when I first lost 30 lbs I got rid of almost everything and bought a new wardrobe at a smaller size. It was very expensive. Two and a half years later I have gained back the 30 lbs and wish I would have been a little more realistic.. Now I am back to selling and giving away the smaller stuff! I suggest to keep the nicer things and when shopping for new items don't buy them as small as possible like I did! Or give yourself a bit of time after the weight loss to purchase a new wardrobe. It's kind of nice to have a baggy pair of jeans on days where you fluctuate... Just saying. Good luck with your weight loss!
  • Livgetfit
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    Dumping the fat clothes is on my list of motivators.

    Everyone is different but for me, keeping them is like keeping a fat crutch. I feel it's saying "well, if I do put it back on, there will be something to wear". I think seeing being overweight as something that costs me is important. It costs me my health, it costs me socially, it costs my confidence and if it costs me in a monetary way (ie. buying larger clothes), that is just another deterrent.

    I'm only approaching the 2nd third of my journey. I had 21kg to lose to get to my healthy weight range when I started. I have lost 7 and 1-2 dress sizes. I have thrown out the 1st stage clothes. I can't wait to the throw out the ones I'm sitting in right now! :-)

    Congrats on your journey, do what is right for you!