Unexpected things while jogging/running



  • dbienz
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    I see beautiful things like bald eagles, bunnies, coyotes, on the trail by my house (which is cool because I live in the Northern part of a very large city), but I have also seen some gross/creepy thing. People passed out (maybe napping, I don't stop to ask), condom wrappers (safety first!), lots of empty beer cans and bottles, dead animals, etc.

    Unexpected while jogging was when my pants fell down! I walked to my normal trail and started running when my favorite pair of running tights just fell right off. It wasn't slow or gradual, it was all of a sudden. I hadn't worn them in a few weeks and I guess I had lost more weight than I thought! I immediately pulled them back on and walked home to change!
  • Rochelle951
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    One late night run, I found myself literally running from a burro who just wanted to play with me
  • branflakes1980
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    Once while running a damn snake slithered right in front of me. And another time glanced over and there was a couple right off the road down by the river totally naked just humping away, they looked at me, I gave them a thumbs up and kept running.
  • jodybo2
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    This stopped my walk because I had to watch... a baby mallard duck was taken underwater by a fish. the mother duck started frantically squawking. 3 male ducks flew from across the lake and they begin attacking the fish until it releases the baby duck. Wild!
  • marcelo_templario
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    It is impossible to meet that type of animals in my running path: coyotes, bunnies, ducks, snakes....no no....not even one, just lots of dogs with reckles owners.

    Once before striding into a long and solitary street with big big coffee fields in both sides I spotted a skinny crack head-looking guy wildeing a knife, this is very unusual in my community. Had to change my route that day, it was saturday morning.

    I run some hills so when I conquered a heel and start running down hill at my first stride I got urges...its terrible probably because of the continuous pounding and bouncing in the colon.

  • W_Stewart
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    had to take an emergency crap behind the pump house, and it looked like someone else had to do the same thing recently too :(
  • Winterlover123
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    The other day I saw a pelican try to take on a goose, wild!