115 or 127 lbs?



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    At 5'3", your face wouldn't look "sunken" at 115. I would personally believe that people who prefer you at 127 just want to make themselves feel better.

    Not one person ever told me I looked too thin at 118 and 5'6". Because I didn't.

    THere is also NO WAY, unless she was insanely athletic, that she would be skipping periods due to low fat mass at 115lbs.

    Because there are a lot of people here who have been obese much of their lives, there's a prejudice against the entire bottom have of healthy BMI...despite the fact that MOST women at the top of BMI are over-fat and often have poor waist-hip ratios and often poor belly circumferences. Personally, I don't hit all health markers until I'm below 140lbs, and I'm 5'6",

    How do you know what she would look like at 115? Just because you "looked great" (congrats) at barely a healthy weight, does not mean anything to the OP.

    Because I know the range of healthy weights and what they look like on women.

    I had DDs and a rear the size of J Lo's. So clearly, I must have been TERRIBLY EMACIATED. Oh, yeah, and I actually did lift heavily at that weight. So my body fat was down in the lower levels of the "athletic" range, which means that I was small for my weight, not skinny-fat. (I'm planning on keeping my fat percentage higher this time around.)

    You really think that she looked sickly thin at 115lbs? Really?

    Let's look at some fitness models around that height. A fitness model has very low fat mass, so that means you're as small at that weight as you can be. If 115lbs is going to look "really thin" on someone who's 5'3", it would definitely look thin on someone who's got body fat as low as a fitness model.

    113lbs at 5'3": http://www.simplyshredded.com/wbff-pro-fitness-model-meggan-clay-talks-with-simplyshredded-com.html

    Yes, she looks so ill.

    119lbs with fake boobs: http://www.simplyshredded.com/published-fitness-model-samantha-kelly-talks-with-simplyshredded-com.html

    5'4" 117lbs: http://www.simplyshredded.com/ana-delia.html

    5'4" 110lbs: http://www.simplyshredded.com/steph-davis.html

    5'4" 117lbs: http://www.simplyshredded.com/ainsley-rodriguez.html

    An inch taller and now a 17-champion powerlifter at 125lbs:

    You think she should recomp to that extent??? Actually, MORE, since she's shorter???

    I simply don't believe that 115lbs looks "too thin" on any 5'3" woman--nor is it "too thin" by any objective measure.

    I know a LOT of people who think they personally look "too thin" at a size 8 or 10 (current sizing, with size inflation). They're all wrong. They just don't know what a fit body looks like, so they freak out when they lose the padding of fat they're used to covering everything. They also react the most viciously about completely healthy and normal-weight women looking "too thin" because of some trait or other that they hyper-focus on that is, again, entirely normal in normal-weight people--things like visible collarbones, visible backbones when you bend over, etc.

    These ladies look fit to me.
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    Oops, missed the missed periods thing. It sounds like you are at a good weight now. LIke others have said, it's hard to get a realistic view of ourselves sometimes. This is actually a good topic to explore with a therapist if it continues to bother you!
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    I can tell you that depending on the person's frame a few pounds can make a difference. For me, at 5'7" when I weighed 120 lbs, I had many people telling me I looked gaunt and too thin, drawn and sick. I was finally able to gain 5 lbs. At 125, those people are all telling how much better I'm looking and how happy they are for me that I have gained some weight. It's only 5 pounds but it make an immense difference on my medium boned frame.
    OP is talking about a 12 pound difference on a 5'3" frame, so yeah, I can imagine it would make a big difference for her, too.
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    Thank you all for taking the time to comment. As many have suggested, it is interesting to think about how different weights and different heights and that being dependent on myslce can certainly impact the way I look. I have decided to continue down the weight loss road. I am not fully confident yet, but its just hard because would I rather be confident or enjoy the fact that men find me (or seem to find me ) for attractive at this weight.
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    Also--I don't think the OP is a pro-fitness model. Or are you, OP?

    Nope, I'm not. I personally do not want that for myself. It is great for others, but I am not interested in that.

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    You are at a healthy weight already, right?

    Why not focus on some health performance related target like how much weight you can lift, or how far and fast you can walk, bike, run, swim, or even on something totally different like how many museums you can visit this year, or on ?????

    Ask yourself what is it that is making you uncomfortable at your current weight?

    What do you want to achieve by changing it?

    Sometimes we just get comfortable doing what we know how to do well (gain or lose weight), and it becomes our first "GOTO" response regardless of what an objective cost benefit analysis would indicate.