Over 2 hours of exercise, Internet says No.



  • rosebette
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    I'm a college instructor and my classes are every other day, so on the days off, I might do two hours of varied activity. For instance, yesterday I did an hour strength training/fitness class, 30 minutes on the treadmill, and an hour walk. However, on days that I work, a 1/2 hour walk might be all I can manage. I see the alternate days as ways to "make up" for the lower activity on the other days.
  • annemmr
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    I completely get you! I do a 1 hr training session with a trainer 4 days a week at work. Then I do 60-90 mins of MMA training four days a week and I have 1-3 soccer games that I play a week. Most days are at least two hours of fitness a day. I absolutely did run into issues! I would drop a few pounds but when the trainer did his measuring, it came out that I was actually dropping more muscle than fat which is the opposite of what I want. He got me on here and while I do watch my calories, my main goal is hitting my protein intake goals and maintaining the balance between carbs/fat/protein every day. It has been a total overhaul this week because I am so focused on getting the right foods in every day to maintain my balance and get enough protein to sustain my muscles. Fingers crossed, first week tracking and so far so good!! I love my sports and wouldn't give them up!!
  • Katzedernacht
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    How about you up the intensity?
    I get tired from reading all you do,but I'm like wow!! stamina!!!
    And I'm thinking if you added serious weight on the strength training or like, more reps or a wider,is wider the word I want? range of motion of the exercises, then you could go for mm 60-70 minutes of serious kick *kitten*?
    I don't really do cardio,only 3 days a week,like 25 minutes but I try to lift heavy, and it works for me, so in short, try to do less time but much more intense? you may find out that's best for ya or not. we are all so different :P