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What made you smile today?



  • duckie33
    duckie33 Posts: 46 Member
    Heydi79 wrote: »
    I got the job!!!!

  • morning_joy
    morning_joy Posts: 1,063 Member
    duckie33 wrote: »
    Heydi79 wrote: »
    I got the job!!!!


    That is great. That deserves more than a smile. Perhaps a happy dance!!
  • Meglep24
    Meglep24 Posts: 270 Member
    My job. My puppies. @lookin4gains
  • mygnsac
    mygnsac Posts: 13,413 Member
    This just made me smile...

  • Hey_Its_That_One_Guy
    Hey_Its_That_One_Guy Posts: 21,768 Member
    Seeing my house after driving for 16 hours.
  • katnroyal1987
    katnroyal1987 Posts: 3,449 Member
    Coming home to this guy!
  • Iscah13
    Iscah13 Posts: 1,954 Member
    Looking at the forecast made me painfully smile. 99 degrees...how cute.
  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,841 Member
    I woke up. That is a blessing in itself.

    I got to see and hug both my boys this morning. This whole summer they have been up late and still sleeping when we normally get up.

    Coffee was really tasty.

    Even with my crappy eating and lack of steady exercise, I have widdled a few pounds off, though I am not logging it just yet. With the way I have been fluctuating I will wait until I get my full flow back, but knowing I am doing decent made me smile.

    The way my autocorrect changed FLUCTUATING to FLATULATING in that last paragraph made me SMILE AND LOL!

    I received a message the other day from an MFP friend that said my posts have really helped her more than I could imagine and to please keep being positive. I about teared up at that. Wow. That feels really good.

  • priscillam31
    priscillam31 Posts: 1,356 Member
    edited August 2015

    My baby girl holding my BFFs baby boy.
  • jensquish1
    jensquish1 Posts: 502 Member
    Finishing the 3 mile run... Only because my truck said it was 106 outside. Lol I was so contemplating walking!
  • Hey_Its_That_One_Guy
    Hey_Its_That_One_Guy Posts: 21,768 Member
    The same thing that made me cry.
  • Heydi79
    Heydi79 Posts: 79 Member
    ^^^ lol a hot smile!
  • Heydi79
    Heydi79 Posts: 79 Member
    Coming home to this guy!

    how cute is he a dachshund?
  • Siranslifechange
    Siranslifechange Posts: 26 Member
    I smiled because the temperature is supposed to be UNDER 110 today.
  • imsnowwhite
    imsnowwhite Posts: 894 Member
    Got offered a model job but I didn't take it because I'm pretty sure its fake. Oh well made me smile for a second :)
  • yusaku02
    yusaku02 Posts: 3,478 Member
    girlfriend wrote a sweet note on the bathroom mirror
  • sw33tp3a11
    sw33tp3a11 Posts: 4,646 Member
    My little one saying "wait mommy" then giving me a kiss & a hug in front of her classmates when I dropped her off at school this morning :)