Don't forget your vitamins!!

WOW! I have been taking vitamins and supplements for a while now and never thought about having to put them in my diary. I just added them up and I am taking in at least an extra 57 calories everyday I didn't know. Not a super big number but if you are cutting it close on calories you may want to be tracking them.


  • Kalikel
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    Lord, I think I take more supplements than most people and my number isn't that high. I cannot imagine how many pills you're swallowing a day, but if it's more than me, you poor thing! Bless you.

    Yes, they have a few calories and are worth logging. A good reminder for us all. :)
  • mdrichardsons
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    That's 8 pills and a l carnitine in my drink.
  • isulo_kura
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    That's 8 pills and a l carnitine in my drink.

    Are you ill? That's a lot of vitamins in all likelihood you don't need.
  • SherryTeach
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    There is no study that indicates that people who take vitamins live longer than people who don't.
  • Blueseraphchaos
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    Just as an fyi, if you are worried that your blood levels are off, you can get testing done at the doctor.

    I take zero vitamins and just had blood work done, all ranges were normal. So you may not need any vitamins. It's probably worth the blood test to check and see.
  • mdrichardsons
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    I do have thyroid issues. But I mainly take the multi to fill in gaps in my diet. The others I have had in my cupboard for a while ( friend wanted me to try) and I just need to use them up.