Anyone every had a recipe go wrong?



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    I never blew it this bad, though, My Mom was making spaghetti for several dozen people, a much larger batch than she was used to. Instead of adding half a teaspoon of cayenne, she added half a cup.

    Lol! That's an entire canister the way I buy it!
    She was a pistol.
    • Flapper and semi-pro basketball player in the 20's.
    • War wife working for the railroads in the 40's.
    • Policewoman in the 50's
    Never learned to cook though.

    Did the guests eat it or did she catch the goof before it was tasted??
    First of all, nobody ate more than a bite. It was served around a swimming pool. There was a lot of awkward looking around to gauge other reactions.

    Then somebody collected plates and somebody else brought watermelon.

    Oh my goodness.... LOL... I can just imagine how they must have been wondering is it just me ... or is this too hot?? LOL.. Your Mom sounds like a real corker and a wonderful person...
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    this was fresh..not frozen ... they say.. I think it was old and I am going to return the rest tomorrow. Thank you for the shoulder to cry on.. HUGS Linda

    Ok "fresh caught wild salmon from Alaska" and shipped all the way to Florida is DEFINITELY frozen! lol Most of the fisheries are flash-frozen right there on the fishing boat, btw. But even if it wasn't & just packed in ice in the boats hull, it still would be frozen before being sent to any store for consumer purchase. So with that in mind, I bet you just got an old piece. If you do purchase fish that is already thawed, make sure you cook it the same day that it is put out for sale.

    We brine all our fish unless I get it right off the dock. Also found that some stores have "fishey tasting fish" because of lower quality. Just a tip.... :)

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    Op - I know this thread is a few days old but thought of you right away

    A lady that comes in my job owns a restaurant that features seafood . she has been the owner and chef for 17yrs . today she said , "I really messed up a huge batch of salmon today and had to discard it. " I replied by saying, how did you do that , aren't you a pro ?!
    She said," it's one of those dishes even the best chef can mess up fast because it has to be cooked just so . so its bound to happen to everyone at least once !"
    I smiled and thought about you ! We all have those meals that come out really wrong :)
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    I accidentally added too much salt to a pasta dish and my husband thought I was trying to kill him...
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    I made a dry curry from a recipe book, and it said 1L of water and then to put it in the oven for a couple of hours. I was suspicious but followed it anyway. I basically ended up with meat broth. It wasn't good.
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    OP-you had a bad piece of fish. The recipe is pretty basic, although I would notrecommend an acid marinade with salmon. . Overcooking doesn't help, but it doesn't make a piece of fish gaggingly bad.
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    Yes!! I tried to make protein pancakes. They came out so soupy and gross. I ended up throwing the batter again and using batter out of a box for my breakfast. -_- Have thankfully made them successfully since, but it was a terrible experience for someone who's super new to cooking.
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    I think both salmon and tuna are better as sushi or medium rare. To me it gets more fishy tasting the longer it cooks. Acidic things like citrus juice will start to cook the fish before you put it in the oven , grill or pan. So my guess it was overcooked too.

    Everyone makes mistakes in the kitchen. This topic reminded me of this poem I found in an old church cookbook. Enjoy!

    Substitutions (from a long ago forgotten local cookbook)

    I didn't have potatoes, so I substituted rice.
    I didn't have paprika, so I used another spice.
    I didn't have tomato sauce, I used tomato paste.
    A whole can, not a half a can--I do not like to waste.
    A friend gave me the recipe, she said you couldn't beat it!
    There must be something wrong with her--I couldn't even eat it.
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    I marinated it in lemon juice, olive oil , garlic, basil and parsley.. the I baked it just till it flaked.. It was juicy but gross... LOL. Mustard might have worked as it would definitely had hid the flavor.. What I did to get it down was smother it in mild salsa..

    Never marinate in citrus juice unless you're looking to make a ceviche.
    That's why it tasted icky. The proteins get denatured and putting it in the oven made it worse.
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    I Like to make a glaze of garlic, soy sauce, brown sugar and slather it on the salmon yuuuummmmy!