Safety while running

This isn't exactly "chit-chat, fun, and games" but let's be serious for a second. I'm very paranoid (on top of my already severe anxiety) and I run my neighborhood everyday. I don't carry pepper-spray, a gun, etc. because I personally don't feel comfortable with that. I do, however, pre-dial 911 and hold my phone my right hand, so it can be seen and all I have to do is press call if there is an emergency. When I pass strangers, I look right into their eyes and smile but I keep moving regardless of whether he/she has begun talking to me. I even know a few self-defense moves, but my question is: What do you -- male or female -- do or not do to protect yourself if you're out on a run/walk?


  • Stump_Likker
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    I do carry pepper spray, but I mainly try to stay in busy areas where there is a lot of car and/or foot traffic.
  • elgray26
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    I just stay aware of my surroundings. I don't listen to music or wear headphones for any other reason. I run by areas that have reflective surfaces. I also do not stop to talk normally.
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    I go out with my dogs...and usually my 6'2", 245lb military hubby. I feel pretty safe. :bigsmile:

    That being said, I probably would not feel comfortable solo. Hell, I wake up in the middle of the night CONVINCED someone is in the house on a fairly regular basis (like last night). My neighborhood is really nice (historic district), but it gets pretty shady just a few blocks away.
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    i'm 6' 3" and 230 lbs. i'm good.
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    I run in the neighborhood park. It's really safe and loads of people are there, including sometimes (if I am lucky) some firemen from the station down the road. Hey, a little eye candy never hurts. Maybe one of these days I will catch one of them too, damned if they don't run fast.
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    You all seem to have a plan! I have a dog but running two miles everyday with a 14-year old Jack Russell doesn't sound like too much fun :laugh:
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    Act like a victim, become a victim. Just be aware of your surroundings. It sounds like you are already taking precautions to be safe. Go out and enjoy your run!

    ETA: Run with a friend if you can. Join a runners club.
  • CkepiJinx
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    I never wear headphones when I run on the road.

    I vary when I run day and time,that is for safety and because for me I exercise when it fits into my day.

    I always bring my phone but I keep it in my bra,no pockets. For me if it is on me but not visible if I get thrown in a trunk or knocked out they may not realize I have it and take it, so maybe I could use it before they found it.
  • BeachGingerOnTheRocks
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    I run on a very crowded beach. I have to dodge a lot of people, but running along the water's edge with several hundred people staring in the general direction of the water goes a long way toward making me feel safer.

    When we move away from here, I'm going to have to figure it out again. The last place I lived in the US besides here had a big lake I ran around (5K loop) and it always had runners there at the time of day I was there. Hoping I can find something similar again.
  • BeachIron
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    OP, just be aware of your surroundings. Unless you live in a truly dangerous place, the chances of being attacked are slim and living in fear can destroy your life. If you do live in a truly dangerous place, then do everything you can to move. That's not living.
  • whierd
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    It must be awful being in constant fear like that.
  • AllonsYtotheTardis
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    I'm aware of my surroundings, and I choose routes that are high-traffic. I mostly run on a bicycle path that is literally down the centre of a divided street. There are a lot of people around, doing the same thing.
  • Purpleflipflops
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    I wear a LifeID, less for kidnappings, but more for injuries. It has my name and an emergency contact, plus it notes my (lack) of allergies and health issues. I recommend getting one, they're not too expensive ($20-$25 USD) and pretty small. Mine is a bracelet, but they have shoe tags. It's one of those thing where I'll never have to use it, unless I don't wear it.

    I 100% recommend having one for running
  • PetulantOne
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    I live in a pretty bad part of town. I run with a knife on me, pay attention to everything and everyone, and keep a not so inviting look on my face. But I do all of that when I'm not running too.
  • Joreanasaurous
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    I live in an area I feel safe running on. It's mostly rich retirees and I don't feel threatened by old men in their walkers. Mostly they wave and tell me cute dog. That being said I also try to run on a well lit street that has busy traffic. There is no stopping/parking on it so a car pulling over to abduct me would be extremely noticeable.
  • UnwrappingCandy
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    I am a rape survivor and now I don't go anywhere without my taser and pepper spray. Having your emergency number ready is a good idea, but it's not going to deter someone from attacking you. With a taser in one hand and pepper spray in the other there is at least some chance the attacker will think twice and leave you alone. A mobile in your hand or in your pocket is just not enough. Also, always run/walk without ear buds in. Having music playing in your ears makes you vulnerable because you can't hear what's going on around you. Listen to everything around you when you are out, and watch everything around you. Look all around you frequently and take note of your surroundings. I also suggest finding one or more people to walk/run with. Most would-be rapists and other such types tend to leave groups alone. :flowerforyou:
  • sasu27
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    I have a knife that has a 3" blade that folds up with a clip on the back that I carry on my waist band and I take my phone with as well.
  • tehboxingkitteh
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    You gotta get one of these:
    Your dog is adorable!

    When I work out in my yard, I always keep a knife in my pocket (or bra if I have on a tank top and no pockets)... it's smaller than my gun. But my neighbors have dogs that get out and have attacked passerbys. I'm not afraid to be outside; I just want to be prepared.
  • kristamcclugage
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    I run with a knife attached to my jeans and keys in my pocket for a weapon in case I need. I also run on the main road with lots of traffic and if I see someone (cuz I usually run at night) then I try to be on the opposite side or avoid them at all costs. If I have to pass by them then I make sure my knife is in my hand.