A little tiny treat at night?

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I was eating dark chocolate, but realized that I am severely sensitive to caffeine. It was simply lite chocolate no sugar added, no artificial sugar. Loved it. Ideas? Anyone? What tiny item do you treat yourself with at night?


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    I like a substantial snack at night. For under 200 calories, I find this really filling and yummy. Add nuts to make it more substantial:


    I find this really filling due to the oats. I let the yogurt "cook" the oats for an hour or so before I eat it:

  • I_Will_End_You
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    Mini Magnum ice cream bars.
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    I don't restrict myself to tiny :) If I have the calories available, and i'm hungry, I'll use them up, even if it's 300-400 calories. It's your daily calorie's that matter, doesn't matter when you consume them.

    Last night, it was a cup of protein cereal and 1/2 cup milk, so almost 300 calories.

    Night before, was a 90 cal icecream bar.
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    I'm fine with caffeine at night, and because, reasons, my household frequently buys the small "individual" (bundtlet) bundt cakes at Nothing Bundt Cakes, a half-bundtlet and a cup of coffee with half and half is my go-to 275 calories dessert. Or a serving of cereal (weighed out!) and 1/2 cup whole milk. Or whatever fits my available calories (and sometimes my macros, but I don't always care about those).
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    I treat myself with dinner at night...I usually eat around 8:30/9:00 PM. I like snacking on beer when I get home from work...then I have dinner.
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    Ricotta Cheese (fat free), unsweetened Cocoa and some artificial sweetener of your choice.
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    Handfull of my husband's fruitloops. Don't tell him!
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    Love yoplait Greek 100 whips vanilla cupcake B)
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    Love yoplait Greek 100 whips vanilla cupcake B)

    With raspberries! I swear that stuff feels/tastes like eating berries with whipped cream.

    I just had berries (with half and half at first, and now just the berries).

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    Healthy choice blueberry greek frozen yogurt singles or fiber one lemon bar