November 2015 Weight Loss Challenge



  • arnavkrish
    arnavkrish Posts: 43 Member

    Age: 31
    Height: 5'7.5

    Start Weight (1st November):216
    Goal Weight (1st December): 206

    1st November:216
    8th November: 217
    15th November: 214
    22nd November: 212
    29th November:210
    1st December: 208

    Weight lost/gained this week: lost 2#s
    Weight lost/gained this month: lost 8#s

    Successes/struggles this week: had fun doing this challenge. Kept me in check and happy to see scale moving in the right direction. Now off to December challenge. Good luck all.

  • ChallengerGirl9399
    Name: Priscilla
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'9"

    Start Weight (1st November): 189.2
    Goal Weight (1st December): 185 -Reached on November 19!-
    New Goal Weight (1st December): 180/181 (we'll see! Fingers crossed!!!)

    1st November: 189.2
    8th November: 189.0
    15th November: 187.2
    22nd November: 183.8
    29th November: 183.2
    1st December: 183.0

    Weight lost/gained this week: -0.2
    Weight lost/gained this month: -6.2

    Successes/struggles this week: Woohoo! Ended this Challenge on a nice even number, I'll take it! 6.2 pounds lost and beating my original goal weight? YES! :D Now off to December! Only problem is since yesterday I've been feeling a bit on the bloated side and not very comfortable digestive wise X_X...bought some prune juice and it seems to slowly be working! D: Hoping it gets better soon. >_<
  • Calmquiet
    Calmquiet Posts: 39 Member

    Start Weight (1st November):171.2
    Goal Weight (1st December):166
    Final month weight (1st December): 163.3

    1st November:171.2
    8th November:167.1
    15th November:167.1
    22nd November:165.6
    29th November:164.3
    1st December:163.3

    Weight lost/gained this month: -7.9 lbs

    I finished this month lower than my goal weight and even though some weeks seemed slow I am very happy with my overall progress. Now to start again in the December challenge!
  • cdcruizer05
    cdcruizer05 Posts: 1,006 Member
    edited December 2015

    Start Weight (1st November):300
    Goal Weight (1st December):290

    1st November:300
    8th November:299
    15th November:298
    22nd November:303
    29th November:302
    1st December:297

    Weight lost/gained this week:
    Weight lost/gained this month:

    Successes/struggles this week: Thanksgiving definitely didnt help.
  • ebonyroche
    ebonyroche Posts: 675 Member
    edited December 2015
    Name: Ebony
    Age: 37
    Height: 5'6"

    Start Weight (30th October): 289.6
    Goal Weight (1st December): 280.0

    30th October: 289.6
    6th November: 290.7
    13th November: 286.9
    20th November: 284.6
    27th November: 285.5
    1st December: 286.3

    Weight lost/gained this week: gained 0.8 lbs
    Weight lost/gained this month: lost 3.3 lbs

    Successes/struggles this week: I struggled with exercise and a lot of emotional eating. I got this next month!
  • hugheseva
    hugheseva Posts: 227 Member
    Name: Eva
    Height: 5' 1.5"

    SW on 5/1: 168.5 Lbs

    Start Weight (1st November): 139.5 lbs
    Goal Weight (1st December): 134.5 lbs

    1st November: 139.5 lbs
    8th November: 139.5 lbs
    15th November: 138 lbs
    22nd November: 139.5 lbs
    29th November: 138.5 lbs
    1st December: 140.5 lbs

    Weight lost/gained this week: 1 lb gained
    Weight lost/gained this month: 1 lb gained

    Successes/struggles: Well, this month was a disaster. On to the next one!
  • MarziPanda95
    MarziPanda95 Posts: 1,326 Member
    Name: Katie
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'7

    Start Weight (1st November): 146
    Goal Weight (1st December): 143

    1st November: 146
    8th November: 144
    15th November: 142.4
    22nd November: ???
    29th November: 142.8
    1st December: 142.8

    Weight lost/gained this week:
    Weight lost/gained this month: -3.2

    Successes/struggles this week: not so bad
  • lizsohl05
    lizsohl05 Posts: 20 Member
    Name: Liz
    Age: 28
    Height: 5' 5"

    Start Weight (1st November): 197.7
    Goal Weight (1st December): 191

    1st November: 197.7
    8th November: 196.3
    15th November: 195.7
    22nd November: 194
    1st December: 192.5

    Weight lost/gained this month: -5.2

    Successes/struggles this week: Feeling great!
  • Beeps2011
    Beeps2011 Posts: 11,988 Member
    Name: Laura
    Age: 47
    Height: 5'8.5"

    Start Weight (9 November): 164.4 lbs
    Goal Weight (1st December): 155.0 lbs (i should NEVER have lowered this from 159.4....waaayyyy too aggressive!)

    9th November: 164.4 lbs
    15th November: 159 8 lbs
    22nd November: 159.6
    29th November: 159.2 lbs
    1st December: 160.8 lbs

    Weight lost/gained this week: + 1.6 lb GAIN
    Weight lost/gained this month: 3.6 lbs

    What a lousy f-ing finish for me. Blech.
  • reddyred7
    reddyred7 Posts: 12 Member
    Name: reddyred7
    Age: 29
    Height: 5ft 10in

    Start Weight (1st November): 178.0
    Goal Weight (1st December): 168.0

    1st November: 178.0
    8th November: 174.5
    15th November: 172.0
    22nd November: 169.8
    29th November: 171.0
    1st December: 171.0

    Weight lost/gained this week: 0lb
    Weight lost/gained this month: -7lb
    Successes/struggles: have been on holiday for the last week so I was happy not to have gained too much! I know how close I got to the goal so I know with a little more work I'll get down to it again. Overall lost half a stone so I'm happy :smile: looking forward to the next challenge!
  • treebek
    treebek Posts: 261 Member
    Name: Tammy
    Age: 44
    Height: 5'8"

    Start Weight (9th November): 234.2
    Goal Weight (1st December): 227

    1st November:
    8th November:
    15th November: 234.4
    22nd November: 230.0
    29th November:225.4
    1st December: 225

    Weight lost/gained this week: -4.6
    Weight lost/gained this month: -9.2

    Successes/struggles tbis week: wanted to officially finish the November challenge by putting in my December 1 weight. Beat my goal, which is awesome and looking forward to the December Challenge. I loved this challenge. The accountability and reading everyone's progress was very motivating. .
  • BabyUnicorn3
    BabyUnicorn3 Posts: 81 Member
    Name: Tara
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'2

    Start Weight (1st November): 132.2
    Goal Weight (1st December): 127

    1st November: ( 4th) - 132.2
    7th November: opps forgot to log
    13th November: 132.2
    22nd November: 129
    29th November: 128.4 (the 28th)
    1st December: 127.4

    Weight lost/gained this week: 1
    Weight lost/gained this month: 4.8

    Successes/struggles this week: meh idk... I made ir though!!!
  • stopeatingout
    stopeatingout Posts: 18 Member
    Name: Lindsay
    Age: 32
    Height: 5'2"

    Start Weight (1st November): 128
    Goal Weight (1st December): 124

    30th October: 128
    6th November: 126.8
    13th November: 126.4
    21st November: 124.8
    27th November:
    4th December: 122.6

    Weight lost/gained this week:
    Weight lost/gained this month: -5.4lbs

    Successes/struggles this week: Woohoo, I did better this month than expected!
  • syreina
    syreina Posts: 548 Member
    Name: Syreina
    Height: 4' 11"

    Start Weight (1st November): 132
    Goal Weight (1st December): 127

    1st November: 132
    9th November: 133.2
    16th November: 131.6
    23rd November: 134.6
    30th November: 131
    1st December: 130.6

    Weight lost/gained this week: -2.6 lbs
    Weight lost/gained this month: -1.4 lbs

    Successes/struggles this week: I've starting to get into a routine for a Jillian Michael's video.
  • phyl88
    phyl88 Posts: 51 Member
    Name: Phyllis
    Age: 51
    Height: 5'9

    Start Weight (31st October): 176.4
    Goal Weight (5th December): 170.4

    31st October: 176.4
    7th November:173.8
    14th November: Out of town
    21nd November: 172.6
    28th November: 170.8
    5th December: 172.2

    Weight lost/gained this week: +1.4
    Weight lost/gained this month: - 4.2

    Successes/struggles this week. I am terribly discouraged. All I had to do this week was lose .6 pounds to meet my goal of a 6 pound loss. I GAINED! In all honesty, I did go a little off the rails last Saturday and Sunday, but normally I can do that, do right the next 5 days and recover… well not this week. But, I’m not going to let this setback make me angry to where I throw in the towel and eat everything in sight. I’m going to believe it is just weight fluctuation and get myself ready for the December Challenge. I will NOT let this setback allow me to create another setback.