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    Still trying to get back into a routine, finding it very hard though, my brain just isn't with it right now.

    I did however go back to RC on Monday night, and bugger me it was hard, we did intervals for 4 miles, with the running parts being quite fast (for me anyway), we had to sprint up a big hill at the finish and quite frankly I thought I was going to pass out, my legs went wobbly, my head was spinning, and I was thinking "why the hell am I doing this to myself?". But it was all good in the end, I felt much better for having done it.

    I've also signed up for a 'Pretty Muddy 5k' in September, my friend and I will be doing the 5k muddy obstacle course to raise money for a cancer charity in memory of my Dad who died from cancer. I'm quite looking forward to getting messy! :smiley:

    Keep up the good work everyone, you guys are all doing awesome. I'll gradually get back to being around properly again soon.
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    Dana that was my yesterday also. I went to the gym to do some quick strength training (girls were almost done with practice and then we were going to hospital to see my dad). On my second arm exercise my aunt texted me and told me that the vent was out and my dad was awake talking and being his grumpy self. Thank God. So needless to say the gym was over as I had to get down there and see for myself. What a relief. I was really having a hard time holding it together yesterday.

    @Jillianinwonderland welcome. sent you a friend request.

    @kgslim17 welcome back. These wonderful MFP friends definitely get in your head. :) They really help keep me on track and give me a good swift kick in the *kitten* when I need one. :/

    Happy Hump Day! What I really want to say is screw Hump day and move right into Friday. I'm done with this week. :#
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    @kgslim17 I find the best times for checking in for me is when I'm struggling because then I'm way more likely to get back to it. I hope you keep posting!

    @danan01 I agree completely and I'm in the same maintenance boat. I try to remind myself of how far I've come and where I'd be if I wasn't tracking

    @Jillianinwonderland Welcome! When I had a long commute I used to do the same thing to avoid rush hour traffic. Getting that gym bag packed is a small thing you can do tonight to set you up for a big success tomorrow

    @CariTJR You are doing great! The mud run sounds like the perfect challenge to train hard for. Get ready for some seriously muddy hills!

    @ngolden3320 I'm so glad to hear your Dad is back to his regular grumpy self! lol. And I wish we could fast forward this week too. Today sucks and nothing has even happened yet!

    I've been feeling really bloated again this week, but luckily I can link it to my sodium intake. Holy cow the soup I made ended up being ridiculously high in it! Next week I am going to keep a much closer eye on it to see if that helps how I feel. One of these weeks I'll finally feel brave enough to hit the scale again, just not this week.
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    Good morning! I hope you all have a great day today! Here is an interesting article I just read - if you're interested.
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    Been a pretty decent week so far! Motivation to go to the gym is increasing and I'm glad for that. I usually don't go till around 8pm so the traffic in there dies down a little. I put on my workout clothes as soon as I get home so I won't have the "I just wanna lay here in my sweats" excuse when the time comes to leave. Hope everyone is having a great week!
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    jkhoffe wrote: »
    So this is an interesting website -

    It simulates what you look like at current weight, then what you would look like at goal weight. If this thing is accurate - I am going to need to lose more weight than I thought

    Yeah, I've been using it. I wish that had more options for body types as well. I have about ten more pounds of boob at any weight than they are giving me the option for, and it makes a difference.
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    Thanks ladies… yesterday, I was feeling achy and exhausted… spent another day resting and today, I feel much better! Able to eat AND things actually taste good! =) Although I was hoping nothing would ever taste good again… that would be an easier way to weight loss! My fitbit challenges are really lacking this week... ugh! But here's to getting back to normal. My hubby has the flu now so I will be cooking for myself the next few days.

    Missy… Nice choices!

    Sinead… Hope you are feeling better too. And yes, let’s hope we can keep it off!!

    Joy… Glad you had a great Mother’s Day!

    Janetay… You can do this… just focus… Hopefully you can find a NSV and not focus on the scale.

    Nicole… Great news on your dad! Way to get to the gym and make yourself feel better. =) Sending prayers your way!

    Rachel… nothing like a home cooked meal. I agree.

    Kgslim… When struggling, I find the best thing is to check in often. It’s motivating to see others posting good things… Plus someone is always ready to cheer you on. Read some of the success stories too! That is always motivating!

    Dana… That stinks with your fitbit. Hope you have it working and are ready for some steps! =)

    Jill… welcome!

    Cari… Way to go with RC!! Proud of you girl!! I love mud runs! Very fun!

    Goonie… I would have a super hard time waiting until 8pm to workout. Kudos to you!!!
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    Hey everyone, finally feeling better and food is appealing again!! That's how I know I'm really ill, when I can't face eating!! I'm never off my food!!! My mom even said it Saturday...she cooked my favourite dinner (cornflake chicken, yum!) and I couldn't touch it..."oh you're really sick?!!!"
    Hadn't the energy to do any exercise so far this week but signed up for legs bums and tums tomorrow and Friday at the gym and then have to decide between Zumba or fat blast Saturday morning.

    Nchole I'm delighted that your dad has've had a tough time of it. Fingers crossed he continues to get better xx
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    @chasidee90 Way to go. You are killing it with your walking. Keep it up. I like you new pic.

    @tazzy2911 & @ShyCush6 I'm glad you are both feeling better. This must me some killer flu. Shy I hope your hubby isn't a whiner like mine. Nobody is ever as sick as poor him. LOL

    @goonietime great job getting to the gym. I don't know how you do it at 8pm. That is my bed time. That is also a great idea, getting into your workout cloths.

    Well dad is improving. :) May move him out of ICU Friday or Saturday. Took my sister to see him yesterday, and girls had a game. I was going to go to the gym but I think my mental exhaustion finally caught up with me yesterday. I had a headache from hell and absolutely no energy. Today is a new day, and I am ready to concentrate on me. :p Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and prayers they helped.
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    Good morning everyone. I am getting very frustrated with my scale but I need to be patient. My calories have been in line and I have been working my *ss off at the gym/house/yard and the scale moves but up and down the same 2 pounds. I am about to pull my hair out. My husband had finally decided to get serious about losing some poundage so he want to go for a walk everyday after work and drag me with him which is good, even though I am exhausted by then, lol.

    So I am an apply watch wearer because I was tracking my calories but decided to put my fitbit back on to compete with my husband and would love to friend some of you guys. Shoot me you fitbit contact if you are interested, fingers crossed.

    Today is gentle yoga - my body needs a good stretch - and then finishing the other have of the yard before the rain hits. Hoping to get it done and the FINALLY FINISH painting the kitchen/sunroom on Friday since it is supposed to rain.

    Hope everyone has a good, on point day. Remember nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!!

    @jkhoffe - I looked at that website and I really hope those are not too accurate because holy heck I still will not like the way I look. We went to Vegas last year with some friends and had a great time. If you get a chance I highly recommend eating at Hugo's Cellars in the Four Queens Casino on Freemont Street. It in much less expensive that on the main strip and the best meal we had while we were there. It was well worth the trip!! Have a cosmo while you are there - they are yummy.

    @kgsmiles3 - keep at it, the motivation will return.

    @dana01996 - Did you call Fitbit, they have replaced my husbands many times and just replaced my scale because it would stay on and it was killing the batteries. How is the daughter?

    Cari - glad you could make it back to RC. I have always wanted to do one of those dirty runs. I don't really run but they sound like so much fun.

    Nichole - I have so happy to hear about your Dad!!!

    @tazzy2911 - glad you are feeling better, good luck at the gym.

    @chasidee90 - keep up the awesome work, be proud!
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    @jkhoffe Those sound like great goals before vacation. I hope you have a great time in Vegas, I love that place!

    @FitEqualsSmile That extra activity will definitely help. Keep at your healthy changes and they will pay off sooner or later

    @chasidee90 You're a rockstar!!! Amazing first month accomplishments!

    @ngolden3320 Great news about your Dad! Don't forget to take care of you!

    @tazzy2911 Legs, Bums, and Tums is a great name for a class. Sounds like you have a lot of good options to choose from to get back on the healthy train now that you're feeling better

    @ShyCush6 Glad food is your friend again! I don't know if I could live in a world where I didn't like food

    @goonietime I do the same thing. It's hard to get super comfy on the couch with spandex and a high impact sports bra!

    @danan01 Great article! That basically exemplifies my mindset as well. I may not be the thinnest I can be but I'm living the healthiest lifestyle possible and that is accomplishment enough!

    After 3 days of rain the sun is finally out again! I can't wait for work to be over so I can go on a quick walk with the pup before my evening kickboxing class :)
  • CariTJR
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    Nichole – So glad your Dad is getting better. I totally understand how drained you must be feeling, make sure you take some time for yourself whilst trying to help everyone else.

    Rachel – Don’t sweat it, as we all know the scales aren’t the only indicator of how well we’re doing, and you kick butt in all aspects of healthy living and exercise.

    Dana – Interesting read, I too like the running comparison.

    Jen – I am so jealous of you right now, I have always wanted to go to Vegas, it’s on my bucket list of ‘absolutely have to do’ things, I’ll get there one day. Enjoy your weekend with Hubby minus the little ones.

    Goonietime – Well done you, I struggle massively with motivation if I don’t get straight out the door once I’m home from work to run. Like my Club starts at 7:15pm, and I’m usually home by 6pm, so that hour of hanging about kills me, it’s so easy to just sit down and think ‘that’s it now, I’m not moving!’.

    Shy – Lol, yeah, going off food permanently would sure make losing weight a lot easier. Glad you’re feeling better, just a shame you’ve passed it along to your hubby. :wink:

    Sinead – Another poorly person! Good news you’re better now though.

    Chasidee90 – That’s amazing, well done, you’re doing so well.

    Well I’m struggling massively at the moment to get my eating back on track properly, all my motivation seems to have vanished. Exercise wise I am walking a lot more again, when I was working from home recently my step count dropped so much it was unreal, but now I’m back to working in the office it’s gone back up to about normal again, and I’m back at RC, but the food side of it just seems so hard to get back into a routine with again.

    It’s my birthday next week too, so I can’t see the next week or so being very good as it will be meals out and drinks for the next couple of weekends.

    Oh well, I’ll keep trying to plug away at it, and I’m sure eventually I’ll get my healthy eating mojo back again….
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    @jkhoffe & @FitEqualsSmile ~ Yes, the fitbit customer service was great! I emailed them about the problem and they responded right away with the instructions on how to reset it. But I couldn't figure out how to do it, but I wasn't using the original charging cord. Turns out you need that one, because it has the pinhole in the back to stick your paperclip in to reset it. So-I was able to find my original cord and do it and so far it is still working. But the customer service emailed me back like 3 times to make sure I got it working again. I was impressed!

    @CariTJR ~ Don't worry- it will all come back! As you gradually start back to getting active, the food part will follow. One step at a time!

    @ngolden3320 ~ It's good to hear your dad is doing so much better!

    @Rachel0778 ~ I hear ya with the sodium in soup. Every time I make soup it is loaded with sodium. (But it is so yummy!) Hopefully the scale will be on your side next week!

    @goonietime ~ Way to make it to the gym! I'm the same was as the others who have said that if I don't go straight from work I won't go at all. I hate to leave the house again once I get home!

    @ShyCush6 ~ glad you are feeling better! Hopefully your husband will be back to good soon & it doesn't make it to your daughter!

    @tazzy2911 ~ Glad you are feeling better as well! Good luck with the classes! That sounds like a great workout!

    @chasidee90 ~ Awesome job on the 2 miles! That is great progress. And congrats on the almost 25 lbs lost! That is awesome for 30 days! Lets see what can happen in the next 30!

    @FitEqualsSmile ~ nice that your hubby is on board with you! It makes so much easier when you can do it together! Just keep doing what you are doing and the scale will follow!

    Well-I am so excited that the scale finally started moving again! I did drop my calories back to 1200 this week (Maybe I did that last week-I cant remember) but this week I am already down 2 lbs from my lowest! That puts me at 2.5 lbs away from being under 200! I am so excited to see that number! It make it so motivating to see the numbers drop! And I went clothes shopping this week. Just for the fun of it I tried on one size down and it fit! The first time I was happy, but thought it must be a fluke. But then I was at a different store and tried and it fit there too! I am very happy about that! Happy Thursday and keep up the great work! Its almost Friday!
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    Sinead – Glad you are feeling better as well! My energy is pretty thin as well… Hoping to find the energy to mow tonight!

    Chasidee – Way to go!! Impressive!! You are rocking it!! That’s totally amazing!

    Nicole – Lucky the hubby didn’t have it as bad as I did… I think every man is ridiculous when it comes to illness. My mom was so thankful my dad didn’t get it as he is the worst!! Glad to hear your dad is improving!! Awesome news!!

    Karen - //
    So glad the hubby s joining in on the fitness!! Makes life easier!

    Rachel – Hope you soak up some Vitamin D… I know I want to get out there and do the same!

    Cari – You got this… It is a hard struggle to get back into the realm of things… so your birthday is coming up… a day where calories don’t count! =) You got that going for you!

    Dana – Yay! Love that the scale is moving!! You rock!!

    So I'm slowing getting back to things... The energy is coming back finally and hoping to get out and mow the lawn tonight! My step this week are WEAK... but it's one week... I'll get back to it!! I'm thinking about starting to walk in the mornings... I've been waking up early and coming into work, so why not come in later and get my steps in the morning... a fresh start to the day AND motivation to keep moving all day!! I would say I will do it tomorrow, but Lexi has a 7am dentist appt. Yes, 7am!! Ugh! But at least she will not miss much school! Not that she is happy about that! =) Here's to a great day!
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    This is a great post!
  • janetay01
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    @Rachel0778 - I definitely miss home cooked food when I've been away for a while. I also find that I'm far fussier and harder to please when we eat out. I expect more from it and am fairly regularly disappointed by it!

    @danan01 - rather late on the response, but yes we can do it - we need to push through! Well done for getting the scale moving again!

    @Jillianinwonderland - welcome, good plan on carrying your gym gear with you. I have no hope of getting to the gym once I've got home from work - I just know that there is too much to do in the evenings and by the time it's all done, there's no way I'm leaving the house again!

    @jkhoffe - enjoy Vegas!!

    @ShyCush6 - glad you are feeling better and hope your husband clears the flu quickly - there are few things worse than husbands with flu in my opinion!

    @ngolden3320 - so glad your dad is on the mend, such a relief for you all.

    For me, it's time to be serious. I've had a stressful few weeks with some stuff going on and it's possibly contributed to my head not being in the right place. But I got resolution to the situation yesterday (and better resolution than I could ever have hoped for). So I celebrated - by eating a lot of rubbish and felt really rough by the end of the day :blush: . But I'm taking the positives from feeling rubbish and making it an inspiration to do better from now on. So no more excuses - a bag of fruit on the desk, a glass of water which I will continue to top up. And it's Friday which is a big bonus - swimming with my little boy tomorrow and we'll see what else the weekend brings. Have a good day all!

  • GillianSmith2
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    Happy Friday everyone :smiley: wow so much to catch up on, i hope you are all doing fab.
    I have had another great week with lots of exercise and keeping under my calorie goal.although i'm not sure if i need to change my calorie intake back to what it originally was for a few weeks, these last 5 pounds are taking forever to shift, but i do know that my body is changing shape and size.
    The C25K is going great and i have also managed to persuade a friend to join me with it and we are planning on doing a charity run next year so that will give us the focus to carry on :smiley:

    have a great day everyone :smiley:
  • ngolden3320
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    I went to visit my dad last night. He was talking crazy. He remembers all of us but then comes up with some crazy off the wall stuff. The nurse says it could be from the sedation and his kidneys aren't working as they should yet. I don't know we will see. I think he maybe suffered a mini stroke when he arrested and was down for 15+ minutes. I took him his cell phone so he could feel connected to people. Thinking I will be taking it back as he called me last night a 12:10am. Scared me to death. Wanted to know how the girls did at their ball game (didn't have one) and how Jenna like the dance (it is Saturday) and then just wanted to talk. it midnight. I DONT WANT TO TALK! :#

    Got a good workout in at the gym. Arc trainer and arms.

    @GillianSmith2 Great job! I can't wait to be down to the last 5 lbs.

    @janetay01 Glad that are back on track for you. Enjoy swimming with your son. Sounds like fun.

    @jkhoffe Enjoy Vegas. I have never been but can't wait to go next year for a friends engagement party.

    @danan01 I am so glad the scale has started moving for you again. How exciting that a smaller size fits.

    @CariTJR Have a Happy Birthday. Don't worry about the food mojo. You have been through a lot. It will come. Your back to RC and your food will follow. No Sweat. Well maybe with a little sweat. ;)

    @blazinskillz Welcome! Check back often this group rocks. I sent you a friend request.

    @ShyCush6 I glad that you are feeling better. I hope Lexi doesn't get the flu. And if she is anything like my girls she is happy the dentist is at 7 am and she doesn't have to miss much school. NOT!

    Yeah Friday is finally here. Hope everyone has a great day and weekend.