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    Well I have been on the boards but just not logging in. I have been to the doctor and told to sit my a** down so I am not a happy camper. Apparently my connective tissue from my bicep to my shoulder in inflamed and I need PT and REST (I am so not good at that). I am on my last day of a course of steroids and they have not touched it. I think I would feel a tons better but I am getting no sleep as I just can not get comfortable. This sucks. I already miss my yoga class (insert REALLY sad face here. I have aerial yoga today and I am going to go and hang upside down for a while but nothing with the arm...this sucks.

    The good news is I am now in the healthy BMI range so YEA ME!!!! I found a pile of shorts I am now able to wear. I totally forgot about them and thought I was going to have to go shopping so I am really excited. Now the big question, do I toss my old close that no longer fit or keep them?? What do you guys do?

    Have a sun filled days everyone!!
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    Hi, I am Karen. I just completed week one and I lost 4.5 pounds! The online journal is the best I have ever used!
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    @janetay01 Sorry to hear your little guy is sick! Hopefully it's just a 24 hour bug. Congrats to your husband on his first day at the new job!

    @tamarafidler Welcome! Keep posting :)

    @jkhoffe Welcome back! Any fun stories or did what happened in vegas stay in vegas? ;)

    @ngolden3320 How did the arms workout go? Hopefully you were able to get some stretching in this morning to loosen it up!

    @CariTJR You've had quite the month! I'm so glad to hear you were able to get away for a long relaxing weekend. We'll be here for whenever you are ready to get back

    @FitEqualsSmile Congrats on the healthy BMI!!! That is a huge accomplishment! Injuries definitely suck, but rest=faster recovery. As far as big clothes, I like the idea that my friend had to donate them on her 1 year maintainiversary when she felt comfortable that she was going to maintain her lifestyle.

    @DylsGrandma Welcome!! Congrats on your loss!

    I had an oh so lovely doctor appointment this morning where I got to get my thyroid checked....ugh. Hopefully everything is fine. I haven't been getting my TOM which is apparently not that big of a deal since I'm not on the Mom track, but it does mean I need a few tests to make sure it's not something else. Wish me luck!
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    Rachel. Good luck on ur thyroid test. Fingers crossed everything is good. No arms yet it is just before 10 am here. Don't get off until noon. Then gym.

    @fitequalssmile. Yeah you in the healthy BMI. Someday soon I hope for me. I like the 1 yr anniversary idea.

    @dylsgrandma. Welcome and great job.
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    I just realized we're on page 100! Woo!!!
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    Cari, my sister in law was born in Brighton. What a lovely weekend away for you!
    Karen, because I am a minimalist, I say get rid of any clothes that are too big for you. High five to that problem!
    Jane, sorry your little one is sick. My youngest was susceptible to ear infections and was sick all the time with them when he was small. Sad when they are sick!
    Jen, glad you had fun in Vegas!!

    I'm with you, Cari... Still stalled with my eating at the moment. Little too much wine these days! But I am getting in exercise so at least that is something positive!
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    thanks all for the kind comments for my little boy - thankfully, it appears to be some kind of 24 hour thing that he has now got over but it was a bit messy for a while! @ngolden3320 - very true though, good that it wasn't me that got thrown up on! @bluepoppies - I'm hoping he isn't also prone to ear infections, we've had a few issues this year with them. It's horrible when they are ill - you just feel really helpless. It's just taken him forever to get to sleep tonight - sat in his cot shouting and chatting about life in general, then throwing his cuddly elephant out and sobbing hysterically - while shouting 'mummy, daddy, mummy, daddy' very mournfully. Life is taking on a whole new complexion as he learns to talk!!

    Rachel - good luck with the thyroid tests, hope they come out ok for you.

    @fitequalssmile - congrats on getting to a healthy BMI that is an awesome achievement.

    Cari - sounds like you had a lovely weekend. We live about 8 miles from Brighton - good place to go on a sunny weekend. I've got my 40th coming up in a couple of weeks - need to try and get myself together for that :)
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    Hi all :) I am in desperate need of motivation!! Tomorrow will be the first day in a LONG time working out. Starting out slow with walking & prayerfully working my way up!!! WE CAN DO IT!! Keep pressing on all :)
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    Good Morning All. Glad these last 2 days are over. Haven't been able to get to the gym and I am feeling/missing it. High School Softball is over. Girls were in the Championship game and won 16-. Jenna made the All City team. yea :) And Cassidy ended up with 2 pics in the online paper. yea! ;) (her first time ever in the paper). I went to the rehab place yesterday to visit my dad. I can believe the progress he is making. When he first went the ER and for months prior he was walking with his cane and literally walked like he was 120. Now that the swelling in his legs and feet is gone he is walking around like he did a couple of years ago. Not like some feeble old man. Thank you God.

    @health_guard glad the first day of classes went well. Have fun!

    @janetay01 Glad your baby is feeling better.

    YEA us on reaching page 100. We rock!
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    Good Morning. Work has been super stressful this week and I can tell it is affecting my weightloss. So looks like destressing is in my future...
    Also weird thing happens when I walk... When I go for a long walk my hands swell so much and get tingly... Does this happen to any of you? I might not be drinking anough water?
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    Good morning everyone! I am new to the MyFitness App and wanted to say hello! I would love an accountability partner to help keep me motivated and on track. If you are interested, please let me know so we can help each other throughout our weight loss journey! Have a blessed day everyone!!
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    @bluepoppies777 I am with you there. Summer always seems like there's an occasion for alcohol and outdoor fun. Shame it tastes so delicious ;)

    @janetay01 That sounds heartbreakingly adorable. How's the little guy feeling today?

    @health_guard Let us know how the first day out collecting specimens go! Talk about a fun way of getting extra steps in

    @chimone Wecome! Let us know how the first workout goes, walking is a great place to start!

    @ngolden3320 So glad to hear that your Dad is doing better! And congrats to your girls for their great softball achievements. Hopefully you're able to carve out some time for yourself soon

    @chasidee90 I haven't had that happen personally, google tells me it's common and not a big concern since it's just your blood vessels reacting to the increased energy demands. Extra hydration couldn't hurt though

    @waldrontj Welcome! Feel free to keep posting here :)

    I was really proud of myself this week. My June calendar was filled with other people's events and I was starting to feel overwhelmed, claustrophobic, and frankly binge-y about it. I took control and left the big events (weddings, family visit) and cancelled the smaller ones. I also put a request in for two personal days for me. My June calendar now looks amazing and fun. I'm really proud of myself for putting my self care first and foremost so that I can be the best version of myself for everyone around me.
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    chasidee90 wrote: »
    Good Morning. Work has been super stressful this week and I can tell it is affecting my weightloss. So looks like destressing is in my future...
    Also weird thing happens when I walk... When I go for a long walk my hands swell so much and get tingly... Does this happen to any of you? I might not be drinking anough water?

    This happened to me when I started incorporating exercise...I am not sure what it is attributed to, but the more you walk, the better your body gets at regulating least it did for me. :) And I find walking de-stresses me, so hopefully it's a win-win for you!
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    @janetay01 ~ Hope your little boy is feeling better now, & congrats on your husbands new job!

    @jkhoffe ~ Welcome back! Sounds like your Vegas trip was a blast! That 2 lbs is nothing. That will be gone in no time!

    @ngolden3320 ~ hope your shoulder is feeling better. Glad to hear your dad is doing so well! That has got to be a big stress reliever!

    @caritjr ~ Sound like you had a great birthday surprise! That sounds like fun. Nice to set some goals & get back at it. You got this!

    @fitequalssmile ~ Way to go on the healthy BMI - that is awesome! I hope your arm and shoulder heal quickly!

    @dylsgrandma ~ Yay on the 4.5 lbs! That is awesome for week one!

    @rachel0778 ~ Good luck with the thyroid tests. I hope you get all good results! That is awesome that you can make your calendar work for you! We cant always do everything & we have to allow ourselves to say no once in a while. Good for you to give yourself some time!

    @health_guard ~ Glad your classes are going well. Its so much easier when you actually enjoy them!

    Welcome to all the newbies. Feel free to add me if you like.

    Well-I am still here. Its been a while since I checked in. I am just trying to keep myself motivated. My husband is out of town this week so the eating has been ok. I am looking forward to a long weekend. We are taking Friday off and going to the house in florida with the plan of spending time on the beach! We may have a little work to do now, since we had the inspection and there are a few things we need to fix. But 4 days on the beach sounds amazing! Hope you all have a great week!
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    Bought a dress yesterday, well 2...size 10 and a medium YAAAAAHOOO.

    Spend the day resting the arm, as much as I could. Called in the troops, my kids, and we put up some great lights over our deck. I swear I live at Lowes. They see me coming and don't even ask if I need help, I have actually heard "she is here all the time" Cracks me up.

    Tonight I get to volunteer in the concession during our varsity across game - stay away from the candy Karen.

    Have a great afternoon and evening everyone.

    @chasidee90 - don't worry about the hands, totally normal. All last year I was training for a 40 mile walk over 2 days and after any walk over 10 miles it would be swell city, especially when it was warmer. Totally normal.

    @rachlel0778 - great job on the calendar. That is so important to mental health as well

    Newbies - feel free to add me!!

    @danan01 - oh the beach, I am so jealous.
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    Nice job, Karen! Medium!! Woop!!
    Yes chasidee, my hands swell all the time. I always assumed it was sodium? Normal though for sure, whatever the reason.
    Feeling in a slump for cooking ideas. Mostly because since my 21 year old son moved back, he's eating us out of house and home! Just tired of thinking up stuff to cook every day! Lol. What is anyone else cooking lately? Healthy, but filling!
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    @danan01 - sounds good for the long weekend for you. We've got a long weekend here with a bank holiday Monday and I've added to it by taking tomorrow as holiday (while husband works and son goes to nursery :smiley: ) so planning to spend a good chunk of it in the garden - loads to do out there and I figure I can get a lot of work done and get a lot of exercise in as well so winners all round. It will likely rain now!!

    @rachel0778 - well done you with the calendar. I do think we have to be brutal sometimes with things like that, keep the important stuff and let all the rest of it go in search of some us time. I'm not good at finding 'me time' at the moment but I'm trying to find a better balance. Re: my little boy, yes heartbreakingly adorable - although slightly less so at 5am! He's learning so much at the moment and it's wonderful to watch but it does sometimes have a terrible effect on his sleep:(

    @health_guard - enjoy the field trip :)

    Karen - well done indeed, that's a great result for you. Hope resting up is helping your arm!

    @bluepoppies - I hear you on the cooking slump. Trying to find healthy, tasty meals for us every day is hard work and we tend to default to the same tried and tested meals every time. I can't imagine how much Alistair will eat when he is 21 - he is close to eating the fridge bare now and he's just turned 17 months!!

    So, my last day at work (when I get off here!!) before a four day weekend and lots of plans for my day off tomorrow. Swimming with my boy tomorrow and then friends of ours have invited us round for home made pizza in their garden on Sunday afternoon (they have a pizza oven in the garden!). They are friends from our antenatal class so the place will be full of small people rushing around and adults eating too much pizza - I'm hoping that with the gardening and swimming, I will buy myself a few more calories for sunday! Then 3 days at work before we take off for a long weekend in a self catering log cabin and then a few days to ourselves when we get back. First time we've been on holiday since Alistair was born so exciting and scary in equal measure - but it's my 40th birthday first week of June so it's a good excuse to do something like that.
    And as life wasn't busy enough, I've signed up to study to be a coach (personal, career coach not football style!). All part of my longer term plan to be able to work for myself but first come written assignments and lots of study - yikes, cos I have time for all of that!!!

    Anyway, enough rambling - must go do some work. Have a fab day everyone!
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    @jkhoffe Uh oh, what's been going on??

    @danan01 4 days on the beach sounds absolutely amazing, what a great way to spend the long weekend after all the work you two have been putting in!

    @health_guard That is what I miss most about being a college student, not being chained to a desk and constant movement around campus

    @FitEqualsSmile Awesome NSV!!! What a great way to bring in summer with new smaller gorgeous clothes!

    @bluepoppies777 Cooking slumps are the worst! I usually make a big batch of a new soup or stew if I have to cook for a crowd (or a very hungry young adult!). My current favorites are Black Bean, Sweet Potato, and Kale Soup and Sausage Gnocchi Soup (both on pintrest-for the sausage one I use chicken sausage, add kale, and only add a dollop of half and half).

    @janetay01 Sounds like a fantastic get away! Are you bringing Alistair with you to the cabin or are you able to get away for a romantic weekend? The pizza party sounds like a blast! I think with all the activity you won't have too much to worry about pizza-wise

    My significant other has been struggling with body image issues lately. Do any of you guys have an SO in a similar situation? We have opposite eating and working out schedules and I want to be supportive but I'm just not sure how :/ I definitely empathize of how awful it feels to not be comfortable in your own skin, but based on our talk I don't think he's actually ready to make any life changes so I definitely want to be supportive but not pushy.
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    Hello friends my name is maddy n I m an engineer works in odd shifts. I need a good diet plan excercise plan n motivation here. Would love to join in the group n add me as friend to keep each other motivated.
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    @rachel0778 - I'm hoping that will be the case with the pizza party! Alistair is coming with us to the cabin - his first ever holiday!!