Losing the battle



  • Christine_72
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    I think it may be because you're coming across as making excuses for why you can't lose weight.
    I think you're simply getting in your own way. .
  • bigpap97
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    I lost 72 lbs on my own before this mess with my health put a stop to it and I have not made one excuse that is not Dr. validated
  • youngmomtaz
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    Please don't see what is being said as harsh. People here have heard it all! They want people to succeed! There is no reason to sugar coat anyhjng here as we have all had similar struggles! Plus, sugar coating is what got many of u
  • youngmomtaz
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    Us here in the first place. Lol. I hope your surgeries go well and you scale gets much use. It is fun to see the pounds come off!
  • Orphia
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    You only lose the battle when you give up.

    Don't give up! Good to see you're open to learning to weigh and log your food. You can do it!
  • opalsqueak007
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    Hey Bigpap - people here just want to help you. Honestly, this site has really changed my life for the better - the people here. Give them a chance and good luck.
  • knelson095
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    Just to chime in one the Walmart scale thing: I bought the one for $15 (they went up a bit in price from there and the cheaper ones looked, well, cheap, or they weren't digital...) and I had to return it. The grams function didn't work. So, you are probably better off that you didn't get one there. An anecdote at best, but still...

    OP, make sure you get a scale on amazon, or from wherever, and get your tracking in order. It will change your life for sure, and hopefully you can have a bit of success.

    Good luck! And don't give up!
  • bigpap97
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    Got my scale today now I have to go back and read about how I am supposed to use it. It has oz. grams, and lbs just have to put it to use.
  • bmayes2014
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    yaay Congrats. I am a food scale newbie too! I like using mine :) best of luck
  • Redbeard333
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    Scales are a great way to re-assess your intake. Best of luck :)