Canned Tuna, diet food or enjoyable?

I have noticed that in most of my MFP friends diaries who are "loosing" and eating at a deficit, canned tuna is a regular staple. However, in most of my friends diaries who are at maintenance, whether they are very into fitness or not, almost never have canned tuna. I personally really enjoy canned tuna - plain, in salads, in sandwiches, is pasta dishes, made into tuna patties, etc.
I think it is a great, high protein and nutritious food that is relatively cheap! I've eaten it my whole life, I think I was the only kid who regularly requested tuna salad sandwiches for lunch (either that or egg salad... LOL just realized I was the "stinky lunch" kid).

So do you only eat tuna when trying to "restrict" or is this a regular staple part of your diet?


  • Therealobi1
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    i dont think it matters. if you like tuna eat tuna. i am more likely to have tinned mackerel
  • Michael190lbs
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    I eat a can of Tuna everyday why because its low calorie, high protein and I like it. I have been at maintenance for 5 months but ate it while cutting 100lbs to.. It all comes down to calories!!
  • jgnatca
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    My very favourite way to serve tuna is this hummus salad.
  • wizzybeth
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    If you like it, who cares? :) I like tuna on occasion but I can't have it all the time. I like to buy the little individual cups or pouches. I'm the only one in the house who likes tuna so I get the individual servings so it doesn't go to waste. Of course the dog would enjoy the leftovers, lol
  • Kalikel
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    I like canned tuna, dieting or not. I prefer it to fresh tuna, no joke.

    Canned tuna (in water) is one of things that are cheap, healthy, low-cal and yummy. :)

    Diet food doesn't have to suck. Diet food gets a bad rap. It can taste good!
  • DeguelloTex
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    I ate the heck out of it while losing and maintaining, and still do so while gaining.
  • NeonStrikeVi
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    Started out as a food I used because it was low calorie. Now, I eat it because I enjoy it and it's convenient.
  • malibu927
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    I've always liked tuna. Sometimes I'll have a can mixed with a bit of mayo and eaten on a ciabatta roll. Sometimes I'll put it in salad instead of chicken. My favorite dinner to make has always been tuna casserole.
  • msf74
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    It's a regular staple of my diet. I am a big fan of fish / seafood in general.

    I prefer tuna steaks to the flaked, canned stuff but it depends on the dish really.
  • cwolfman13
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    it's just tuna...some people dig it, some people don't.

    i have it occasionally because it's convenient but there are about a million and one things i'd rather have than canned tuna. i have to make tuna salad or something itself it's just dry and boring.

    i prefer a nicely seared tuna steak
  • amgreenwell
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    canned tuna is one of my favorites and has been always. My husband calls it cat food and wouldn't come near it, so more for me!! I love making tuna salad for lunch with some wheat bread or crackers or even on its own. So yummy!
  • MommyL2015
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    I love tuna. I used to eat it for lunch when I was in high school, right out of the can, with a jar of baby food pears. Yum. I still do that once in a while.

    A friend of mine told me for snacks, I should get the Gerber Graduate snacks that are shaped like stars and come in different flavors like apple and pears as they're really light in calories. Like 150 calories for the entire container. :) I used to get them for my little ones and they are tasty. A can of tuna, a jar of baby food pears and a 1/2 container of Gerber Graduates and that will make a tasty, light lunch!
  • GillianLF
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    I would eat plenty of fresh tuna and tuna steaks. I don't eat the canned stuff too often (I'm just not crazy about it) but sometimes use it to stuff peppers or mushrooms.
  • JenAndSome
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    I love tuna but have moved on from the canned tuna to the flavored tuna pouches. The Hot Buffalo Style is so good.
  • sardelsa
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    I love canned tuna, but I don't have it often and make sure it is light tuna (less mercury). I actually prefer canned salmon though
  • kommodevaran
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    Canned tuna is one of the (quite few) kinds of fish I eat regularly. I love tuna salad. I make it with onion, mayo, salt and pepper, mix it in the oil first and then shred (but not mash) in the fish chunks. One of my favorite spreads.
  • lilRicki
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    I love tuna melts, in fact I'm having a tuna sandwich for lunch today. It's quick, healthy and tasty.
  • gatorsong
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    I happen to like canned tuna. I will use chunk white (only occasionally though) and just eat it with some black pepper and crackers or toast. I use chunk light for anything that I'm mixing it with, like adding it to a salad or a casserole. I also only get it packed in water, the oil packed just tastes weird to me. Also, plain only; I don't get the flavored kind.

    Like others have said, it's a great source of protein and low-cal, plus Omega-3's.
  • sarahlifts
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    I love tuna always have. Tuna salad tuna casserole a whole tin of tuna atop a salad. Tuna is yummy.

    I don't eat things I don't like bc it fits my macros.
  • donnelly5
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    I'd highly recommend sardines great source of protein and essential fats and very little to no mercury poison which means you can have it everyday