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If you could give any advice...



  • JojoInTheForks
    JojoInTheForks Posts: 134 Member
    Take pictures and measurements! It's shocking how your brain works sometimes - and doesn't see any changes. Pictures and measurements will prove it, especially when the scale is not your friend.

    It's cliche, but the best advice I got when I started was: you didn't put it on in a month, so it's not gonna come off in a month. So be patient. 1-2 pounds a week adds up quickly.

    And, most of all, best of luck! Add friends on here, too. They can be your biggest cheerleaders throughout this process!
  • smotheredincheese
    smotheredincheese Posts: 559 Member
    There will be bad days when you slip up and eat like there's a famine coming, and feel like you've blown it all. But you haven't, you just pick up where you left off the next day and move on.
  • TheBeachgod
    TheBeachgod Posts: 825 Member
    edited November 2015
    Don't let what the scale says make or break your day.

  • H34v3nlySinsx3
    H34v3nlySinsx3 Posts: 65 Member
    My advice: don't wait until tomorrow. Do it now. A lot of people wait until tomorrow and "tomorrow" never comes for them.

    And stick with it. Even if you can get a buddy to walk your journey with you, just someone to keep you accountable, just anything you can do to stay on track and stay focused.

    Good luck!
  • Sheseeksstrength
    Sheseeksstrength Posts: 138 Member
    I am so thankful for all the feedback! Thank you, everyone!
  • samhennings
    samhennings Posts: 441 Member
    Be patient, it takes time

    Be consistent

    Be patient

    Keep it simple, no fads. CICO, exercise if you can/will, eat well but not obsessively

    Be patient

    Recognise the wins on the way, every lbs should be celebrated

    And if I didnt mention, be patient. Its a slow process.
  • SLLRunner
    SLLRunner Posts: 12,942 Member
    edited November 2015
    So I am "officially" starting tomorrow. I have let it get a little out of control and I need to readjust my lifestyle. I am excited to start fresh tomorrow with a new outlook and attitude. However, I need some tips and just advice.
    What advice would you give someone starting their fitness journey?

    Thanks in advance!

    Set your goals in MFP to lose a desired amount per week, weigh and log your food, stay wihtin your goals.

    The one requirement of weight loss is a calorie deficit, everything outside of that is either doctor's orders or preference.
  • Sheseeksstrength
    Sheseeksstrength Posts: 138 Member
    Thank you for the tips.
  • PeachyCarol
    PeachyCarol Posts: 8,029 Member
    Be patient.

    Be consistent.

    Be accurate.

    Realize that there are ups and downs and that they are normal.

    Realize that this isn't something you do and then it's over, you are changing your life. Weight management is an ongoing endeavor.
  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 28,028 Member
    Use a digital food scale.
    Log everything.
    Don't let the fluctuations on the scale upset you. Weight loss is not linear.

    For me, exercise has been extremely helpful. I used to be an emotional eater and can now substitute exercise for that for a double win. I have knee issues and am always working around them, but it's possible.