What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • jondspen
    jondspen Posts: 253 Member
    Dropping my last 10 lbs, and working up to do a triathlon sprint (12.4 mile bike is only hurdle left right now).
  • Jancandoit7
    Jancandoit7 Posts: 350 Member
    edited October 2017
    My 1st mini goal is to keep the scale moving downward. My 2nd goal is to get out of morbidly obese to just obese, that'll take 40 pounds.

    I'm with you- I'm thrilled by each pound I lose! A bit harder at 60 but it's slowly coming off.
  • zingeber
    zingeber Posts: 146 Member
    Successfully meal plan (and then stick to it) for just one 24 hour shift. Might take a couple times experimenting, but I have plenty scheduled for this month, so lots of time to experiment... wamp wamp :-/
  • deborahdundas1
    deborahdundas1 Posts: 3 Member
    Getting back into my 5 pants
  • andysport1
    andysport1 Posts: 566 Member
    mini goals = no
    Massive goals = yes
    199 ✅
    90kg ✅ (198lb)
    196lb (14stones)

    I haven’t set a goal after 196, anyone got any suggestions?

    GW 147
  • tuolon
    tuolon Posts: 109 Member
    To lose a couple pounds at a time and maintain the weight lose for a while until I reach 20 lbs lost.
  • buxbert
    buxbert Posts: 244 Member
    a few: have to go to a ball next week = in 10 (!) days and as it is a work thing I really don't want to buy anything new. Both dress options to small but I will try to get off as much as possible to fit into the roomier one at least;
    next: evening out with the girls with a few drinks and we were talking of going to see a rocky horror picture show screening - nostalgia :D for some reason I had mentioned before that many many years ago I want to an aids fundraiser event (dressing up was obligatory there) and I still have a corsage from back then... guess...
    next: suffering from pains in hips, knees... and regular headache - that has to go!
    next: Christmas visit at bitchy mother/sister in law-team - just because...
  • jamesha100
    jamesha100 Posts: 210 Member
    Do a 150km cycle ride on Saturday - hoping for good whether in the South West of the UK
  • cenafan
    cenafan Posts: 398 Member
    5lb healthy losses.

    NSV. hiking the mizzy lake trail next weekend in Algonquin. 11km.