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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • mmnv79mmnv79 Posts: 522Member Member Posts: 522Member Member
    -6 Kg. by December 31st. :)
  • allisonlane161allisonlane161 Posts: 269Member Member Posts: 269Member Member
    14 pounds from my high school weight. Stupid, useless goal, but a goal nonetheless. I should be vastly entrenched in a size 6 at that point. And my running should be vastly improved by that.
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  • MissyMildaMissyMilda Posts: 41Member Member Posts: 41Member Member
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    Mini-goal 1: Get to 14lbs (first stone). Hoping to get there mid-July. Passed 10lbs today and am delighted :D
    Mini-goal 2: Hit 25% of target. Aiming for this by mid-August, just ahead of my friend's wedding. <3

    Mini-goal 1 achieved this morning! 😀

    (Existing) Mini-goal 2: Hit 25% of target. Aiming for this by mid-August, just ahead of my friend's wedding. <3

    (New) Mini-goal 3: Build enough strength to start a progressive lifting programme like stronglifts. Aiming for early October. (Hopefully sooner but even bodyweight squats are currently a challenge.)

    Just met Mini-goal 2 this morning!! I'm delighted. I really needed a boost after a really tough week.

    Mini-goal 4: I have a fortnight until my friend's wedding and my new mini-goal for that day is to be able to zip up my pretty new dress without hurting my fingertips! (And then to find as many opportunities as I can to wear it before it gets too small!! :wink:)

    Mini-goal 5: To be brave enough to try a new activity with a social dimension. More than anything else, this will push me out of my comfort zone.

    Mini-goal 6: To reach a loss of 2 stone (28lbs/12.7kgs). This would bring me just over 33% to goal. Aiming for this by 15 September at the latest.

    Mini-goals 4, 5 (SUP counts, right? Especially when everyone comes up to commiserate with you for falling in?!) and 6 all met as of this morning! :D

    3. I'm still working on building enough strength to start a progressive lifting programme, so it will be a while before I get there.

    7. In the meantime, my first new mini-goal is to stay on track - for a 7lb overall loss for September - when I am travelling for work for 2 weeks later this month. I have just started c25k, so hopefully I can use the hotel fitness centre to keep that going...and substitute for my usual daily 90 minutes of walking.

    8. My somewhat ambitious 8th goal is to hit the midpoint of this journey by Hallowe'en! If I can maintain my current rate of loss, I will just manage it, but the upcoming fortnight out of my routine could throw a spanner in the works!
  • CatherineLaurelCatherineLaurel Posts: 197Member Member Posts: 197Member Member
    I haven't binge eaten in 3 weeks!

    I know from personal experience how big of a deal this is! great job.
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