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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • solieco1solieco1 Member, Premium Posts: 1,501 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,501 Member
    charmmeth wrote: »
    charmmeth wrote: »
    (10 September) Oh and my new mini goal? (Duh! I was so excited at getting to two-thirds of the way to goal for the first time!) To be under 80 kg all day, not just in the morning after exercise, and to hit 78.3 kg which will be 75% of the way to goal (which is currently 75 kg).

    I am now weighing in at under 81 kg all day, which means I am in normal bmi all the time


    *****This is fantastic! Well done!*****
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  • smrshealthysmrshealthy Member Posts: 204 Member Member Posts: 204 Member
    Breaking out of the 160’s..for good!

    So close.. but yet so far! :D
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