What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • garciasusan77
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    Right now if I don’t drink enough water, I notice I gain weight about 2 pound on and 2 pounds off.
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    I have 3 weeks left in the Transformation Challenge at OrangeTheory so I've got my get down to 145 pounds mini goal, but also adding the mini goal of staying under 20 carbs per day these next three weeks. I was doing well with it last week but then slacked off a bit this last weekend. I'm tightening back down and getting back to pre-logging my days!
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    STAYING OFF SUGAR! While it might NOT seem like a Mini Goal - it's the one thing that puts on weight faster than any other food. I've committed to this since January, 25 days ago. So far...No Processed sugars (not even Honey)

    Bright Line Eating has proven that Sugar/flour will keep you addicted and trapped in a Fat body.
    It's Scientifically proven and affects Brain function, to keep you hooked. Sugar/processed foods - are addictive because They ALL have sugar of some type, manufactured in them. For good reason - it keeps you buying More!

    Last time I got off sugar - I lost 40 lbs. I don't think I believed it the first time I tried this weight loss program - but now I know. THIS TIME I'm off Sugar for Good.

    And thus far, the past month has been spectacular. More energy than I could have imagined.

    And I've lost 7 lbs. <3
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    Run 3 miles. I was up to running 9 miles training for a half-marathon, but developed plantar faciitis. I've only run a couple of times since October.

    I got Plantar Fasc. one time...and was told to get an Arch Support put in my shoe. I bought it from a sporting goods store. It worked so well...I was feeling better in a DAY! They're a little expensive, and they are 'rigid' so don't buy the soft ones. I have high arches, so this proved valuable. And I have never had problems since.