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Welcome to the MyFitnessPal Challenges Category - Please read!

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Welcome to our community!

This forum category, Challenges, has been created for members to start and participate in challenges.

Participation in any discussion in this category requires that you have a genuine interest in that particular challenge, or that you have a genuine question regarding the nature of the challenge before determining your interest in that challenge. Posts questioning the value or necessity of a challenge are not appropriate. Derogatory comments, or other posts of a trolling nature will result in a warning.

Our guideline regarding no advertising in the main forum absolutely applies here; any discussion or post created in this category to promote MLM or other sales pitches will be removed and result in a warning.

Challenges which encourage VLCDs, extreme calorie deficits through the use of exercise, or which promote weight loss goals beyond the 2lb per week will be removed.

We encourage popular and/or long term challenges to consider creating a new group.

Our Main Forums and Groups operate under MyFitnessPal's community guidelines. We ask that you review the guidelines completely in order to ensure that anything you post is acceptable according to our guidelines.

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