60lbs to lose by August 20th 2016



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    How is everyone doing? I having a very hard time staying motivated! 3 bad weeks in a row!

    The weight loss and getting healthy journey definitely has ups and downs. Let's keep going!
  • sundragon55
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    Is it too late for me to join? Lol. I want to lose at least 50 pounds by August 27th, my 30th birthday!! I have two kids, my youngest will be 1 in April. I gained 50 pounds with my first and 40 with my second. I'm about 50 pounds overweight. When my oldest was 2 I finally finally lost down to 139 pounds, with the help of MFP, and was so happy. Then I started a desk job and gained 20 pounds back and then got pregnant with my second. I'm also still currently breastfeeding and still plan to breastfeed until my son is ready to wean. I'm just tired of the way I look. My husband loves me regardless and says that I'm beautiful, but I hate the way I look. Feel free to add me!!
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    Hey guys :)
    I'd like to be under 200 no late than july! The sooner the better! I miss my pre mommy body!
    My husband loves me at any size but I want to boost my confidence and be healthier! I'd love to help others along my journey!
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    What a bunch of supportive people. Very uplifting.
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    I want to loose the same. However I want to do this for my sisters wedding in September
  • marcysweightloss2016
    I just joined this app. I have been feeling poorly and finally going to the dr told me my blood pressure is running high. I had a very long bad depression that I just seem to keep losing myself in over the last year and now I just want to take control of me again. I've gained more weight than I've ever weighed and I don't feel comfortable in my own skin. I have lost 11 pounds since Valentine's Day and I am starting to feel better. My 40th birthday is August 27th and I wanted to be 60 pounds down. I don't even know how to add friends yet but help would be nice. Thanks
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    Woo, look at all these new people! :smile:

    One thing I would say to all of you is not to get too set on losing a certain amount by a certain date, because it may not happen. But I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to have some kind of goal like that in mind, so long as you don't get hung up on achieving it and feel like a failure if you don't.

    When you're overweight/obese, any loss is a great thing for your health so whatever you manage to do is not failure if it's less than you hoped for. And you won't really have an "end date" because if you want to keep the weight off then you need to make lifestyle changes rather than "go on a diet". But if wanting to look better and/or be healthier in time for a special event is what motivates you right now, then go for it! Once you've lost some pounds, you'll want to keep them off and that'll be your motivation to stay in control and live a healthier life. :smile:
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    I'd love to join in too....I am in a similar situation. I've been with my other half for almost 16 years and he loves me the way I am, I've tried to make him understand that's great but I'm not happy with me. After 3 kids, a sedentary job, and really no time for myself I am out of shape (unless I consider round a shape).

    All 3 of my kids play soccer. I would love to be able to keep up with them and get back into the game myself.

    I'm starting with small goals... 10 pounds before my next dr. appointment in March, cleaner eating, and being more active. I am also starting back at the gym before work. Oh 4am...why do you have to be so early??

    I can relate! My job is stressful and tiring! To work out I have been going to the gym at 5:30 am! It's a killer! Got a fitbit for Christmas. Goal is 10000 steps a day. Is I'm short at night I walk in place watching TV. Big motivator! Started taking pilates and TRX class. I'm the largest person. It's hard but each time I am stronger and can do more. I want to lose 75 pds. But main focus is to get strong, flexible, and have better balance. Doing my MVP shows me bad choices I have made. Slowly changing. Count me in !