What Keeps You Going?



  • totaldetermination
    totaldetermination Posts: 1,184 Member
    I have a close family member with diabetes. I want to avoid that happening to me.
  • roxymuller
    roxymuller Posts: 29 Member
    Because of the health problems that I have which make it harder for me to lose weight and losing 5 lbs in the first week keeps me motivated to continue doing the program. Seeing that it is possible to lose weight as I have not been successful on other programs. Also, I refuse to buy bigger clothes and I want to fit into my nice smaller size clothes.
  • Monnie67
    Monnie67 Posts: 88 Member
    I'm doing this for myself but for my girls most importantly. My daughters are grown now and they both have picked up a few pounds so to help push them to get back in those jeans and be happy in the mirror is motivation for me. I want my girls to live and eat healthier life style change. I push myself I'm 49 they see mom can do it ( 29 & 24 yrs old) young women certainly can. My girls are the inspiration
  • BioQueen
    BioQueen Posts: 694 Member
    The thing that always keeps me motivated is how I FEEL when I am lighter and eating better (and moving more, but I don't do a ton of exercise). When I eat poorly, get bloated, and gain I feel awful. My mind is slower, my energy is lower, I'm just unhappy. I am happy being healthy. Vanity also slips in, but it's not the more important point. I love clothes and I love how I look in clothes when I am lighter.

    I'm in medicine, and I know how excess weight affects one's health currently and as they get older. I don't want to do that to myself if I have control.