hi...looking for friends/motivation



  • HotMermaid729
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  • fitnicole21
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    Feel free to add me also (: I've lost a total of 53 pounds and still have about 11 ISh to go (:
  • dragonfire12601
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    I've lost 15lbs so far and have over 30lbs to go. Anyone can add me for motivation and support!
  • Corpsebride81
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    Feel free to add me xx
  • Varamyr38
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    Feel free to add me. Need some people to talk back. Not just liking my post and that's it lol
  • Maddi18_
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    Feel free to add me, anybody is welcome.
  • angelamichelle_xo
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    hiiii. anyone else wanna add me go ahead.
    already posted here but always lookin for new friends. ♥
  • chunkygal2016
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    Feel free to add me.
  • Ammi13
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    Always up for more friends and motivation. Anyone feel free to add me. I have a short term goal of 20 pounds by May and 80 by the end of the year.
  • svrover
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    people fell free to add me as well
    I'm very active and chatty lol
  • HotMermaid729
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    You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the adds! B)
  • jaxxeemom
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    Hi there! I am looking for more friends and motivation... I log in everyday, exercise 2-3 week but I eat too much : )
  • HotMermaid729
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    Today is off to a great start, even though I am "chained" to a desk for online training. Later I plan to hit my treadmill as it looks like rain out there. B)
  • HotMermaid729
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    Don't forget....you can add me, and probably anyone else in this thread. We are all happy, shiney people! We love new fitness friends (I think....lol), well...I do anyway! B)

    Also don't forget, MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!
  • HotMermaid729
    HotMermaid729 Posts: 806 Member
  • TJH2
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    Good morning! I've added most of you but if I missed you feel free to add me. I am down 20lbs with 130 to go until I feel comfortable and am in the healthy range. I am addicted now to adding more friends and watching other peoples progress.
  • kfm6
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    I've lost 34 pounds and have another 25 or 30 to go. I've changed my eating habits to eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods as much as I can. I'm always looking to add a new recipe that fits with my change to whole foods. I included 1+ hours at the gym 5-7 days a week (2 days of strength training / aerobic for the other days). You can add me as a friend if you are interested in providing mutual support. Good luck with your goals.

  • InsaneMontae
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    I lost 126 pounds. Gained 60 back when I went back to school. I've lost 30 of that 60,but still trying to get back to where i was. 30 more to go!! Everyone here feel free to Add me. My journal is open and you can see things I eat and what has helped me lose all my weight. Or you can message me if you have questions. I'm starting to be more active on here.
  • HotMermaid729
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  • suziebussell
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    Hi there guys, I am new........well fell off the wagon a bit but now back to try again. Whenever I stop using Myfitnesspal I always seem to put on weight and I was doing so well last time. So need friends to help motivate me. Thanks in advance