too few calories



  • stephchadz
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    What height are you Op? 1000 calories is a very low goal.

    Im about 5'5" and i'm trying to get from 145 pounds to 135

    I would definitely recommend eating more! I'm 5'4 and I can't even handle a 1200 calorie goal. I usually eat anywhere from 1400-1600 plus exercise 3-6 times a week. There's no need to rush it!

    Make sure you are weighing all of you food and logging properly as well. Good luck!
  • CoffeeNCardio
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    I'll second the idea that you probably aren't really eating 1000 calories. Very very few people are satisfied and not getting hunger pangs at 1200 calories let alone 1000 (there are the rare few for which this does happen, @alexistexas33 is a great example of when this does happen). The likelihood is that you are eating significantly more than that (enough to not be hungry) and your logging is off. I'm not accusing here, just laying out what we have seen time and time again. It's the statistical likelihood is all.

    Alternatively, if you really are only eating 1000, that's neither healthy nor safe and there is only one simple solution: eat more calorically dense foods. If you have a sandwich with a little mayo, add more mayo. Having a salad? Choose a cream-based dressing. Add some shredded cheese. Eating meat? Get thee some gravy.
  • ForeverSunshine09
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    I am 5'4 135.4 lbs disabled and do very little exercise and I eat 1370 cals and lose .5 to 1 lb when I follow the plan. No need to eat such low cals.