Portion control containers-what's helped you?

Long story short I've reached my goal as far as weight loss and did it by eating right and excercising..but have fall off. ☹
Working out for the first time in a month tomorrow and looking for help on portion control. I was so good at it last year and looking for a boost.
Anyone use a certain container that helps them not over eat?


  • pootle1972
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    A food scale...no container is going to stop you overeating sorry.
  • jgaffney86
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    I always have measuring cups and scales handy in he kichen. The scale is ALWAYS sitting on the counter for quick access. I also have this bowl set that is used for eating. Can't find a link but the bowls range from quarter cup to 1 cup. Very handy for doing dips, ice cream, or cereal. I also have this


    I love it. Got it at Sam's club for 20 bucks.
  • kommodevaran
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    Most people in here use scales and food diary to record food intake, it's not really the best place to ask. Food scales won't stop you from overeating though :s You have to be committed. The food diary has been a great tool for me to learn portion control and staying commited. Now I have an idea of what and how much to eat to keep me satisfied and my weight stable, so I stick to that. I use a kind-of container system to plan my meals, a spreadsheet with color codes, silly and easy. I wouldn't want to deal with the additonal mess of actual containers. But if it can help you, use them. There are lots of different designs to make you happy, google it.
  • petersonma
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    I use a lot of 1 cup size containers for portion control. Please keep in mind, I still use a food scale to measure for an amount, usually 8 oz. But the one cup container is a good size for that and then I have a grab and go quick meal. The container is a helpful tool, but the scale is the key.
  • 257_Lag
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    Let's face it, we aren't going to use a food scale for the rest of our lives. I own a company that sells portion cups and I use them a lot for portion control. I eyeball a lot of foods based on the size of the portion cups I know hold X number of ounces. Occasionally I bring out the food scale to make sure I am right and it's always very close. It's not perfect but it's close enough for me.

    Google Plastic Souffle Cups and/or Deli Containers (my company doesn't show on page 1 or 2 so this isn't a plug)
  • rsclause
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    No containers or tricks other than counting calories. It showed me how much I was over eating. I stopped counting because it was driving my wife crazy and I felt that I was retrained on how to eat. Well I increased my beer intake and slacked off my running and 20 pounds later I my need to rethink my methods. I will get back though.
  • allaboutthefood
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    No containers, but I do weigh my foods and have completely changed the foods I eat.
  • arditarose
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    Food scale here. I can jam a lot of food into a little container, especially if I'm prepping while hungry.