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1 week 100 calories less a day challenge

fluffygiofluffygio Posts: 411Member Member Posts: 411Member Member
Daily calories:2000

Day 1:1883 calories


  • fluffygiofluffygio Posts: 411Member Member Posts: 411Member Member
    Anyone wanna join i thought it was a good way to lose 2 or 3 extra lbs in a week
  • fluffygiofluffygio Posts: 411Member Member Posts: 411Member Member
    Daily calories:1900

    Day 2: 1893 calories

    Nice and steady
  • fluffygiofluffygio Posts: 411Member Member Posts: 411Member Member
    Daily calories:1800

    Day 3: 1600

    Boo noones joining
  • TeaBeaTeaBea Posts: 14,150Member Member Posts: 14,150Member Member
    2-3 extra pounds a week? My guess is no one is joining because it sounds very unhealthy (even dangerous).

    A moderate weekly weight loss goal helps you lower your body fat percentage. You lower your body fat percentage by protecting existing lean muscle mass while losing weight. Very low calorie diets (VLCD) don't support existing lean muscle very well, your body will use that for fuel.

    BTW - promoting VLCD's is against MFP guidelines.
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  • trinty425trinty425 Posts: 108Member, Premium Member Posts: 108Member, Premium Member
    My nutritionist for my diabetes prevention program actually told me to start eating 1800 calories instead of my 1300-1400 calorie a day average. This does not seem like a good idea to do this so quickly....and where are you planning to stop?
  • usmcmpusmcmp Posts: 21,347Member, Premium Member Posts: 21,347Member, Premium Member
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