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Dating at work?!

tayter_tot7tayter_tot7 Posts: 226Member Member Posts: 226Member Member
Have you ever dated someone you worked with or worked for? How'd that turn out?


  • selina884selina884 Posts: 826Member Member Posts: 826Member Member
    No pooping on your own doorstep

    ...and yes I did when I was younger.

    Not recommended unless you work in different departments. even then, avoid.
  • RunHardBeStrongRunHardBeStrong Posts: 32,903Member Member Posts: 32,903Member Member
    I have, it worked for me but then I am the type once it's over, it's over. I don't dwell on it or hold bad feelings. I am actually still friends with everyone I have ever dated. One of them is one of my very best friends and not awkward at all.
  • candacet36candacet36 Posts: 353Member Member Posts: 353Member Member
    Yes I did.... He was a "liar" I mean lawyer.

    Needless to say it didn't work out but I learned some awesome lessons and I met the love of my life during that time. I wasn't looking (I was in a committed relationship, or so I thought) but he became a great friend and NOW we are building a life together.

    My advise DON'T DO IT! Oh yes... I still work with "him"
  • navyjennavyjen Posts: 1,048Member Member Posts: 1,048Member Member
    I did. It didn't work out. I was really young then and it is for sure not a good idea.
  • striderbstriderb Posts: 5,863Member Member Posts: 5,863Member Member
    Yes - I dated the group secretary (as they called them back then) and married her 37+ years ago.
  • AlluminatiAlluminati Posts: 6,276Member Member Posts: 6,276Member Member
    I did. We are married now.
  • synchkatsynchkat Posts: 38,057Member Member Posts: 38,057Member Member
    My first husband I worked with not for long though but we ended up divorced and my current husband we worked at the same firm. We've been married for 11 years. I quit working there after we got married and then he changed firms anyway but worked fine
  • tayter_tot7tayter_tot7 Posts: 226Member Member Posts: 226Member Member
    I did. One relationship sorta worked. We worked together..well directly and we had to come to work and act like we didn't just wake up together which was weird lol. It was also kinda hot being in on a secret that no one else knew. He was sorta my boss...not technically because he could not hire or fire me he supervised me..indirectly I guess. I promised to never make it a big issue since technically I think he wasn't supposed to date me. We are still friends to this day. He's a bit of a womanizer thou lol. The other guy I dated from work. Total psycho! He worked a different shift than me as soon as we started dating he tried to switch his shift to mine! My partner is a man...I work in corrections (male dominated). So he swears I'm dating that guy. Duh we have to communicate and take breaks together he's my counterpart. So I'm kinda split sometimes it can be nice (hot and steamy) sometimes it can just be a cluster f***.
  • MamaFunkyMamaFunky Posts: 736Member Member Posts: 736Member Member
    My husband and I met at work. We have been together for 21 years now. Married for 17 of those. :smile: We were young and both in college. Worked out great for us!
  • Peter_BradyPeter_Brady Posts: 3,825Member Member Posts: 3,825Member Member
    All But Pass

    Oops. Wrong thread.
    edited March 2016
  • Shells918Shells918 Posts: 1,075Member Member Posts: 1,075Member Member
    One of my bigger mistakes. Thought nobody knew. Everybody knew. He was a D-bag to the 1000th power. Thank god I got away.
  • raindawgraindawg Posts: 348Member Member Posts: 348Member Member
    I did. She sat in the cubicle next to mine. We've been married 12 years now.
  • TheRoadDogTheRoadDog Posts: 11,863Member Member Posts: 11,863Member Member
    Dated many women at work back in the 70's and 80's. Boss, Boss's secretary, Boss's Daughter. Half of Accounting. I even met my second wife at work. Still friends with most of them, but they did not work out.
  • Tigg_erTigg_er Posts: 15,234Member Member Posts: 15,234Member Member
    No, No, No.

    No I haven't
    No I won't
    No you probably should not either.

    Besides I might have to fire em.
  • Staceym2112Staceym2112 Posts: 911Member Member Posts: 911Member Member
    Nope. I thought about it till I found out his last girlfriend was a stripper. Currently I work in a Hospital and that is a DEFINITE NO on dating coworkers.
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