Do you fit fast food in your diet?

Just curious do you avoid fast food if you can or do you include it under your calorie goal if it fits?


  • Dnarules
    Dnarules Posts: 2,081 Member
    I have always fit it into my calorie goal. I've had to make smarter choices (whopper junior instead of the whopper, smaller fries or no fries), but I can fit it in several times a week. The main issue I have at times is sodium levels and water retention.

    I am not saying this is nutritionally optimal :), but I like fast food, and I've learned to do it in moderation.
  • kommodevaran
    kommodevaran Posts: 17,890 Member
    I feel I get more bang for the buck (money, taste, satiety) when I cook my own chow from real food ingredients. Besides, I like to cook. So fast food just naurally gravitate to the lower end of my favorite foods list.
  • cjb3001
    cjb3001 Posts: 38 Member
    I think for some people you just have to. I know if I want something I'll either be incredibly grumpy because I "can't" have it or if I'm not logging I'll just binge like crazy because the day is ruined. Sometimes it just makes sense to go "Well, that wasn't great but let's draw a line" and maybe seeing it reflected on your "In 5 weeks..." prediction would make you think twice before next time.
  • paperpudding
    paperpudding Posts: 9,125 Member
    If you have it in small amounts, it doesn't ruin your ' in 5 weeks' prediction -meaning it doesn't have to take you over your daily calorie amount.
  • AmazonMayan
    AmazonMayan Posts: 1,168 Member
    There are a lot more options for lower calorie in many fast food places now. And if not, I avoid disgusting American cheese (so not worth the calories) and no mayo/dressing to save calories and I don't bother with fries much now - I grew up having them extremely rarely so it's no loss for me.

  • Rocknut53
    Rocknut53 Posts: 1,794 Member
    I generally avoid it, but if for some reason, like traveling with my hubby, we do decide to eat it, I fit it in by choosing the lowest calorie options. And no fries...
  • TavistockToad
    TavistockToad Posts: 35,719 Member
    Yes, sometimes
  • geneticsteacher
    geneticsteacher Posts: 623 Member
    Occasionally. Had Popeye's last night and it fit in my calories.
  • EvgeniZyntx
    EvgeniZyntx Posts: 24,208 Member
    Yep, personally I eat convenience food about once or twice a week without any weight-loss or health related issue.
  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,330 Member
    Whenever I feel like it or happen to go out to a fast food restaurant. This doesn't happen often though, maybe once every 2-3 months. I do have other high calorie stuff more often, not necesserely fast food.
  • Sweets1954
    Sweets1954 Posts: 506 Member
    I do tend to avoid fast food but I have been doing that before I started losing weight. I do occasionally have fast food, usually when I am traveling or running short on time/groceries at home. I have found that often when I do stop for something at a fast food restaurant it's not nearly as satisfying as I thought it would be.
  • ZantanaKMC
    ZantanaKMC Posts: 11 Member
    If I do fast food its for a cheat meal only. Cheat meals for me are once a week either on Saturday or Sunday. Most of the time its cheaper to make my own "fast food" then it is to go and fork out the cash & have to wait in a line up.
  • abatonfan
    abatonfan Posts: 1,120 Member
    I make it fit, but I'm starting to prefer cooking from home (unless it's chick fil-a. One cool wrap and two side/superfood salads will give me two satisfying meals).
  • AnvilHead
    AnvilHead Posts: 18,343 Member
    Yes, I fit it (in moderation) into both my calorie and macro goals. I don't exclude any foods/food groups from my overall diet.
  • Orfygirl
    Orfygirl Posts: 274 Member
    I can make it fit into my diet but I usually don't just for the fact that I just don't like most fast foods. Why make it fit if you don't like the taste of it?
  • 970Mikaela1
    970Mikaela1 Posts: 2,013 Member
    I did until a Wendy's burger had a hair in it. Now I don't.
  • californiagirl2012
    californiagirl2012 Posts: 2,625 Member
    No, I find my body works better with real food. Not even tempted anymore. Ick.
  • BeYouTiful94
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    edited March 2016
    Sometimes. For instance, just earlier today I had a bacon cheeseburger and large curly fry from Jack in the Box, and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty for it since it fits into my day. I've actually got some calories left over lol. Would I do it every day? Absolutely not. I actually prefer the things I eat at home. But if I'm jonesing for a burger and fries or, more likely, I'm with my family, then I'll just slide it in. To be fair though, I haven't had fast food since January (again when I was with my fam haha) before today. It's just not something I usually "have" to have
  • kbmnurse
    kbmnurse Posts: 2,484 Member
    Yep, you bet. Gotta have it every so often. Just add to calories for the day. If I go over oh well, life is too short to worry about it.
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    Very rarely if I really crave it, but I always end up disappointed, because it's either way too salty and/or it's not filling at all.

    I'm fine with Panda Express/Sarku Japan/Panera, or other mall court 'chains' or fast food restaurants though.