Do you fit fast food in your diet?



  • rileysowner
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    Whenever I feel like it, or it is convenient for whatever reason. I simply fit it into my calorie goal. There have been more than enough people who have done nothing but fast food diets sticking with a calorie count who have not only lost weight, but have had their blood markers improve as well. Most fast food places have options that are more nutrition dense as well in their salads, so it doesn't have to be just burgers and fries. Of course this is me speaking as a Canadian. I find the fast food in the US is not the same as here, so take it for what it is worth.
  • chimaerandi
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    Sometimes, when I crave it. It's not too hard for me to work it into my calories, personally, though some people don't find the calories worth the reward.
  • malibu927
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    Yes. I eat fast food every Thursday night because I end up eating late due to my bowling league. But I have cut down on what I order*. Now I'll usually get a smaller burger or a chicken sandwich, take off the mayo, and no fries as I don't find them anywhere to be satisfying enough.

    *-Except for Taco Bell. I will go all out and probably eat 1000+ calories there.
  • salembambi
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    if you consider pita pit fast food

    then yes
  • 20yearsyounger
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    I don't avoid it. As I barely cook and many times during travel don't have the facilities to cook, I eat it often. I just make the best choices possible based on my calorie allowance for the day. I first started by downloading all of the nutritional menus, identifying those things that I believe have the best bang for the buck calorie, protein and sodium wise, and now I just pick the fast food restaurant based on what meal I want to have. For instance - Taco Bell = 2 fiery doritos los tacos supreme and a zero calorie drink for 400 calories. On a good day I might even have 3 for 600 :)
  • mommarnurse
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    ZantanaKMC wrote: »
    If I do fast food its for a cheat meal only. Cheat meals for me are once a week either on Saturday or Sunday. Most of the time its cheaper to make my own "fast food" then it is to go and fork out the cash & have to wait in a line up.

    See, I'd rather blow calories on something REALLY good at a nice restaurant with a gourmet burger or something like that. When I do fast food it's always the "best" choices on the menu.
  • arditarose
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    I don't eat it it, only because it is not filling or worth it to me. If I want a burger I'll go get a delicious burger at a well known restaurant and be ready to spend 1500 calories on dinner.
  • brower47
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    I feel I get more bang for the buck (money, taste, satiety) when I cook my own chow from real food ingredients. Besides, I like to cook. So fast food just naurally gravitate to the lower end of my favorite foods list.

    I hate it when they make fast food out of fake food.
  • CandehMandeh
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    I haven't in the past few months, eating more homemade food lately.
  • mathandcats
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    I don't really care for fast food in general, but sometimes I'll be unexpectedly stuck on campus late and have no other option. I find it easier to fit than a real restaurant meal (but nowhere near as good), especially as pretty much all chains show the calories on the menu here. I would certainly not save calories to have a huge fast food "cheat meal", but it's alright occasionally, which for me is less than once per month on average.
  • williams969
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    Absolutely! A couple times a week. Had 1/2 a McMuffin and pizza yesterday (ahem, a lot of pizza, but I got a thin crust so it's like "diet" food, ;) ). Split a funnel cake with my kids at the carnival today. Oh, and a Quarter Pounder the other day.

    Okay, maybe more than a couple times. But, my weekly goals are met, including macros, calories, fiber and micronutrients, so I can eat convenience foods that often if I wish.
  • kyrannosaurus
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    I don't go near it. I prefer my own cooking generally and it's a drain on the budget. I fit plenty of treats into my diet but they are things like ice-cream and homemade desserts (I love making desserts!). Fast food just isn't worth it.
  • Suzanne106
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    I just add it in like any other meal. I don't eat fast food on a daily basis as it is only twice a month on cheat days so I don't worry about it. Everything in moderation. Good Luck!
  • Bibia2418
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    occasionally, not everyday. Sometimes, when you are on the go...there is not much else to eat, especially on the road. Everyday is not a good thing. Cut back the next meal or the next day when you have fast food.
  • treegirl97
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    I generally avoid it but I will try to make it fit. I took the kids to McDonald's for supper last night and half starved myself all day so that I could work in the calories!
  • EllenFlickner
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    I try to avoid it as much as possible, but it isn't always avoidable and when it isn't, i place it in my food log.
  • MlleKelly
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    I don't. As a vegetarian, there's not a lot of good reasons for me to even pull into a drive-thru. I'll sometimes have a Subway samich, but other than that it's just not worth it for me.
  • macchiatto
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    Yes, at times. I eat low carb/high fat for my PCOS-IR and MS but within that I do IIFYM to some extent. I have a bunless/lettuce-wrapped burger, or a grilled chicken salad, or whatever works.
  • Smccabe8
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    I mostly cut fast food out. I will have Panera every couple weeks, but usually just a salad/half sandwich. If I have to do fast food (forgot lunch), I'll do a small sandwich or burger, no mayo. Sadly I can't afford fries in my daily calories. It's REALLY hard to fit in an actual burger/fries into 1200 calories a day. I find that I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.
  • Orphia
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    What is fast food?

    I buy food from places that sell food, yes.

    I'm not a neo-luddite orthorexic who thinks that home-made is magic.