Looking for 1200 calorie friends



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    Hi. Thanks for offering to share your food diaries. I'm curious how you are doing this. I plan to add you as a friend :-)
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    If you add me as a friend you're welcome to look through my food diaries to see what i choose to stay under 1000 and not hungry hahaha. I also never eat back calories i never really need to.

    Hi. Thanks for offering to share your food diaries. I'm curious how you are doing this. I plan to add you as a friend :-)

    Basically if you add me as a friend ive set my diaries (in settings) to viewable by friends so once we're friends you can click to my profile and select view diaries to see everything ive logged! My flat mate and i use it too keep tabs on each other but im happy to share with anyone we're all looking for the same thing!
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    I am 50 and 5'5" and supposed to be at 1,260 calories a day. I bumped it up to 1,300 to round it off and am still losing. I also have a desk job.
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    hi Shelly. I am doing between 1200 and 1300 calories aday. It seems to be working well. You just have to make sure you are eating foods that will keep you fuller longer. If you want to share ideas go ahead and friend me. I am trying to lose my baby weight. I also have a desk job.
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    1200 is super easy to do with high protein low calorie foods like grilled chicken, salad with egg whites, greek yogurt, and fish.
  • Shellymarie604
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    Your right Spicy. I have protein at every meal and eat lots of veggies, cheese slices, apples for snacks.
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    I did this on in the past and worked great, and I'm back at it again. 3 days strong so far =)
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    I started March 1st..I'm 57 and put myself on a low calorie diet 1200-1400 daily. It's worked for me as I have dropped 32# since March 1st. I have no idea how this open diet thing works..but if anyone wants a look..feel free
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    I have just started MFP last week. I enter everything and am doing 1100 to 1250 a day. I am NEVER hungry and actually my sweet tooth is gone. (And sweets got me where I am!) I walk 4 times a week and eat protein for breakfast lunch and dinner. Yep, and carbs too! I also don't eat after 6:30pm.... It is early but I am thinking positive. Not weighing till Sat. Water too with everything! I feel great and no mid-day drop either. Started at 5'5.5 and 184...GW 155
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    Hi! I'm 5'2" and have a 1200 calorie plan. As long as you watch out for carb-y foods it's really easy to do ! I also log all my exercise and even with the inflated calorie burn MFP sometimes shows I've lost 9 pounds in three weeks. Feel free to add me to see my meals !
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    I'm around 1200/ 1400 mark you can add me :)
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    Hi Shelly -I'm on the 1200 plan. Getting back in shape after baby. I had to let go of the sugar. Lots of veggies, lean proteins, and no after dinner snacking. Looking for some motivation. I'm on day 16 and down 8 lbs.
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    Still not completely confident in what I'm doing with calorie intake...just learning as I go. I'm currently trying to stay around 1250 (MFP Calculation) most days, and 1500 max (depending on activity level and how my energy/hunger is). Lately I've been higher than 1250, eating more frequent meals (snacks) and I am still losing.
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    Personally I am not starving. As you can see from my diary I eat a lot of good clean food.

    Hi "ShelleyMarie" - I am impressed that you can eat "clean & healthy" at 1200 calories. That is what I am attempting to do as well. I've looked at other people's diaries from this post and although they are claiming they are eating LESS THAN 1200 - they're not eating very healthy (or clean for that matter).

    I am aiming for 1200 - by eating healthy, organic, mostly veggies, mostly protein, gluten-free carbs, "healthy fats" and low sodium.

    Minimal sugars & carbs, WHEN POSSIBLE (if motivated)

    That's A LOT of criteria and restrictions.
    This is NOT EASY.

    If anyone else is attempting "clean & healthy" 1200 calorie diet - please friend me!
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    Hi there. Looking for 1200 calorie friends for support.

    I believe they only let you have 999 friends here.
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    LOL at waffle
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    Anyone can add me. I am on 1200 too (aside from this past weekend vacation). I tend to save my exercise calories up Sun-Thurs to spend on Friday and Saturday regularly though. Works for me.
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    Feel free to add me, 17 pounds to go
  • aflies
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    Hi there. I am CW 165 with GW of 120 at 5'3". I try really hard to stay between 1000-1200 calories per day. Feel free to add me if you need positive support.
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    Hi, I`m also on 1200 cal. Fell free to add
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    i am in! same goal. currently weigh 188 gw 160 for right now.