Looking for 1200 calorie friends



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    I am drinking infused water ( lemon,mint,cucumber, ginger) for appetite control through out the day. it has been really helpful so far.
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    gdefelix wrote: »
    Personally I am not starving. As you can see from my diary I eat a lot of good clean food.

    Hi "ShelleyMarie" - I am impressed that you can eat "clean & healthy" at 1200 calories. That is what I am attempting to do as well. I've looked at other people's diaries from this post and although they are claiming they are eating LESS THAN 1200 - they're not eating very healthy (or clean for that matter).

    I am aiming for 1200 - by eating healthy, organic, mostly veggies, mostly protein, gluten-free carbs, "healthy fats" and low sodium.

    Minimal sugars & carbs, WHEN POSSIBLE (if motivated)

    That's A LOT of criteria and restrictions.
    This is NOT EASY.

    If anyone else is attempting "clean & healthy" 1200 calorie diet - please friend me!

    I'm trying to eat clean and healthy (more veggies and fruits) to try and lose weight plus get my diabetes under control. However, this is new to me and would love to add you as a friend to get some advice! I'm on 1200 calories a day and I've lost 11.2 pounds so far. My diary is open to friends.
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    I've been doing 1200 calories a day for a couple of weeks. Mostly low carb because I have type 2 diabetes. I have had to listen to my body and what it needs because everyone is different and reacts to food in a different way. I'd love anyone to add me because I truly believe the more we support each other the better! We're all here to get as healthy as possible and we need to encourage each other and sometimes push each other to keep going! We can do this!
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    I'm a 1200 but I eat back 200-300 of my excercise calories !
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    Just be careful your not using MFP as a calorie calculator it is totally inaccurate and gives you way more calories burned then you did. I invested in a heart rate monitor watch and a decent one for accuracy.
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    I did not know that the MFP was inaccurate as a calorie counter!
    I have started on 1200 cal 3 weeks ago and while weight isn't coming off at 2lb per week, my blood sugar levels are now normal and I don't have to take my diabetic meds now. I also was able to cut out one of my cholesterol meds.
    I have been walking 5 miles 3-4 times a week though. When it saids I am not eating enough due to the exercise expenditure I then eat more.
    I do look forward to dropping weight and getting new clothes!! :smiley:
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    Add me. I'm on 1200 and I have a open diary
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    I'm on 1200 and have lost 24 pounds so far. Please feel free to add me!