Looking to lose over 50 pounds

Anyone what to be an accountability partner?


  • its_mal
    its_mal Posts: 18 Member
    *raises hand* lol
  • mobogogo
    mobogogo Posts: 24 Member
    Anyone what to be an accountability partner?

    Yess!!!! I am currently 1/3 there!!! We can do this together!!!
  • senennieves
    senennieves Posts: 106 Member
    feel free to add me
  • atitagain1958
    atitagain1958 Posts: 160 Member
    Hi! I'm Nancy. I just re-joined today after many years and many pounds. I'm 57 and have a lot of weight to lose. Could use some friends for motivation too!
  • paulettfamily
    paulettfamily Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, atitagain, I'm June. I'm soon to be 59!
    I have much to lose, too!
    Trying so hard to stick to a 1200 calory diet and exercise!
    I'm justing starting out, too!
  • Smithworkout2016
    Smithworkout2016 Posts: 32 Member
    Everyone add me.
  • marcenepea
    marcenepea Posts: 364 Member
    I would love to be added as well. I have been on this site for years but I keep falling off. I'm back again and would like to lose about 50 pounds more. I'm always willing to do my best to support, I love getting support as well as information. I also like to watch others food diary. My biggest weakness is alcohol, I love to come home and have some drinks after work. But I also need to learn healthier meals to make.