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What kind of fat are you?



  • ndj1979ndj1979 Posts: 29,021Member Member Posts: 29,021Member Member
    Lol some things never change
  • Wicked_SeraphWicked_Seraph Posts: 391Member Member Posts: 391Member Member
    winston wrote: »
    All three, but not technically over weight. (20 BMI)
    I don't know what that had to do with the main piece of the article. But I do think gut flora is important and I should eat more kimchi.

    Random fact about kimchi. It often contains gluten and seafood (shrimp paste). Founds some interesting options if you are vegetarian or have celiac disease.

    I would totally order these but a) it's a website from South Koren and b) I don't live in South Korea.

    I really dig kimchi - they sell a vegetarian version in glass jars at Publix, for anyone who lives in the southeastern United States. Most other brands sold at health food stores tend to be pricey.
  • kommodevarankommodevaran Posts: 17,960Member Member Posts: 17,960Member Member
    That's two separate articles? I'm relieved there wasn't too much emphaisis on "gut microbes cause obesity" (I really hate that). What kind of fat I am? I'm a healthy weight now, and was none of them before, I just ate too much and moved too little. Not for any mythical reasons, just because food tastes good, and because I'm a bit lazy, some bad habits, some lack of information, some woo, some boredom eating.
  • rainbowbowrainbowbow Posts: 7,497Member Member Posts: 7,497Member Member
    I'm the kind of fat that no matter what happens in life.... i'm not taking a poop pill for my gut bacteria.
  • GingerbreadCandyGingerbreadCandy Posts: 457Member Member Posts: 457Member Member
    I swear to God, I hate the way most scientific studies are reported by the media. Obesity is complex, sure, but I've never seen such a desperate attempt to paint obesity as totally outside one's control. I'm obese myself, and I find it almost insulting to insinuate that we're so far outside the realm of normal that clearly it's because I caught some bad gut flora or have rotten genes rather than, idk, eating way more f*cking calories than I was burning?

    I'm obese fat, currently working towards overweight-fat and then not-fat. That's all there is to it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    This. Yes, there are aspects of obesity that are related to social, psychological, and even genetic factors, but they have nothing to do with the way the media portrays them. None of then negate CICO, for one.

    It's immensely frustrating because it's a fascinating topic but the media has to sensationalise it and spin it in a way that makes it sounds like "oh yeah, there is nothing to do about it".
  • Need2Exerc1seNeed2Exerc1se Posts: 13,589Member Member Posts: 13,589Member Member
    I am still a little fatter than my ideal, though even when I was 25 lbs heavier none of those fat descriptions fit me. I was healthy fit and fat. Now I am healthy fit and less fat.

    I have lived with an obese mother, sibling and husband. Though I was only overweight while living with the husband. But I have also lived with someone with Cdiff and didn't get that either. I'm pretty careful about avoiding other people's poo though, even when I live with them.
  • CirculationCirculation Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I would not say I am any particular "kind" of fat. I'm a binge eater and for the past 2 years, I've avoided dealing with it because I couldn't decide if I was genuinely disordered or just lacked control. I don't like making excuses for what is simply bad behavior so I blamed myself (because that helped). It wasn't until I really realized what I was doing (eating in secret, eating without realizing it, etc.) that I understood how much of a problem it was and even still, the power to lose weight is within my control. My body does not actually resist losing weight. My brain is just slightly odd right now. I am working on myself, though, and have not binged in close to a week. I'm sure I'll have a bad day at some point but I haven't yet and I'm remaining positive. I don't believe the idea that weight loss is outside most peoples' control. I'm sure someone has some sort of condition that makes it very hard, maybe even next to impossible, but I do not think this is common.
  • XxluneXxlune Posts: 34Member Member Posts: 34Member Member
    I am the kind of fat that is in my head. I am fat in my head when I sit down and slouch in my chair, and then mostly around my midsection and my thighs.

    I am the kind of fat that only really happens when someone who I care about what he/she thinks looks at me.

    I am the kind of fat that I worry about when I wear a swimsuit.

    That kind of fat. I am working on it ok? I think all women are a little bit this type of fat.
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