Any fellow Keto's out there?

Looking for other people who are currently doing Keto... I started 21 days ago and I am down 16 pounds so far.... Today I have decided to start logging and tracking my food intake. I have adjusted my macros to the numbers that an administrator gave me from a Facebook Keto group. It doesn't match 100%. So do I just get it as close as I can? Also looking for other tips or info related to Keto if your out there. I have found a few boards on Facebook and so far this WOE has been great!! Keto on...


  • briislovely
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    I follow keto!
  • yarwell
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    MFP's standard steps are in 5% of calories so if you wanted to hit for example 50g of carbs = 200 calories that would work as 10% of 2000 or 15% of 1333 calories. So yes, get it as close as you can.

    5 / 20 / 75 would be typical. or 10 / 25 / 65 etc.
  • ptouch
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    Me too!
  • Jenn81
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    I'm starting keto ! Any tips ?
  • nvmomketo
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    Join the Low Carber Daily. It is where most of us ketofiles hang out.

    My tip? Increase sodium intake to 3000-5000mg per day to avoid headaches, fatigue, brain fog, muscle aches and spasms.

    Good luck. :)
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    Friend me...Im keto. Under 20g a day
  • RicMackie
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    Over 220 pounds lost in just over a year and a half. 400 to 170. Feel free to add me, but only if it's a 2-way support. I only have a handful of "friends", and I am always happy to share what does and doesn't work for me. Cheers!
  • adrienne8585
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    I am new to Keto, How do I keep my carbs under 20g a day? I have been doing it for a week now and cent get under 40g a day. A lot better than my other eating habits but still a struggle.
  • denelifet
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    I'm doing Keto and loving it. My weight isn't dropping too quickly as i'm within less than 20 lbs of my goal and i've got quite a bit of muscle under my "fluff"....but the inches...WOW! The inches are coming off! Amaze-balls!!!!

    i record my weight and certain measurements on my bathroom mirror with an dry erase! I figure i'm in the bathroom everyday and ya just can't miss those markings on the mirror staring back at ya!

    I measure only my chest (under the girls), my waist, my belly button (that's where i carry most my troublesome weight) and my hips.

    My diary is open for any and all to read. Please be nice....
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    I am Keto and weight loss is very slow at this point (stall for months) but its all good because I am very close to my goal weight and I am building muscle.