Girls in their 20s

Hey y'all! I'm 23 and I'm hoping to find girls my age to keep in touch with for motivation! My friends don't care about eating healthy or trying to lose weight. I hate feeling alone trying to get healthy. I would love to keep in touch with people like me with tips and general motivation!!


  • Forty6and2
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    Hi there! I'm 24 and I've been here off and on for a while (fell off the wagon a few times, but back at it) and I'm always open to having more friends! I have successfully lost 60 lbs and I want to lose 30-40 more, hopefully by the beginning of next year. Add me if you'd like!
  • shancourcy16
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    Hi! I am 23 and am always looking for motivational friends. I've been on this site for over a year and am now trying to lose 20 pounds and stay healthy
  • Erephyre
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    25 here. I've been on here for a month and a half, would love to have people who are motivated as well! ^_^ I've lost 18-20lbs so far.
  • Shiggysho
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    I'm 23. Open diary. Long time lurker of the site, but been logging consistently for over a month now. Down 5lbs. Anyone can feel free to add :smile:
  • xCyanideGirlx
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    Im 20! Ive been on here for 2 weeks and would love more friends my age to help motivate :)
  • rachellerma1992
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    Hi I'm Rachel I'm 24. I am trying to loose about 25 pounds and I feel like it's the hardest thing I've ever tried to do lol. I've been trying to get back on that Healthy wagon again. I would love to motivate and to be motivated.
  • FromFattie2Fittie
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    I am 24 :) I have an open diary, but have not logged the past few weeks due to restrictions..will get back on it soon, however I am SUPER active here and I will talk to you on a daily basis :) I love to get to know my friends personally, as I hate just friend collecting.
  • nikkxjohnson
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    I'm Nikki, 27. I've been logging meals for about a year now. I have lost about 45 lbs and have 15 more to lose. I do have an open diary, and I have recently switched to an all plant diet beginning of this year(with a few slip ups)
  • ChristianCantellan
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    Hey, I'm 18 and I don't have any friends on here because it's my first time being active. Would love to chat with new people!
  • laurzaffle13
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    Hey guys! I'm 26 lost 53lbs but stopped logging and gained 10 back looking for motivation and support going to get back on it starting tomorrow! Would love some motivation and would be happy to give some in return!
  • wegnerteisha
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    Hi feel free to add me too! I'm 23 and need to lose 30-40lbs!
  • loseitgirl13
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    Hey! I'm 18 and I'd love to have friends on here so feel free to add me :) I've lost 10 pounds so far and I'm looking to lose 15 more!
  • melissafawnw
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    You've got this! I'm 28 (feel like the old lady here :p:p ) and always glad to have more friends! I've lost nearly 8 pounds and have about 15 to go!
  • cheriiiiiice
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    Hi !! I'm 26 also looking for more friends :) I've just started using this app have already met quite a few awesome people ! Down 6lbs already!
  • ayohadouken
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    Hiya! I'm 20, starting out to try and reach my goals! Would also appreciate the motivation and support of people my age!
  • ravensoundslikejoy
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    I'm 21! Been on and off mfp for about two years now, finally dedicated to the weight loss, after trying too many dead end diets in the meantime. Down 7lbs (probably just 4lbs fat) in the last two-three weeks. Feel free to add! I love motivating!!
  • katiestenton
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    Feel exactly the same, i'm 24, none of my friends are interested in nutrition. Its making socialising very hard! Please feel free to add me guys, i need more friends on here xx
  • allymacster
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    Hi everyone, I'm ally, I'm 27. I've been using mfp on and off for a few years now. I've recently just started month 2 of the insanity workout. Feel free to add me.
  • taytayrider
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    Sup. Im 21. I have been on and off this site since high school but never tried the community aspect of it out! I am trying to lose 30 lbs, would love some motivational partners or people to swap tricks and tips with!