Is there a healthy substitute for crackers?



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    Mmm, besides some dehydrated veggies (cauliflower, kale, or zuccini), try baby food! Ferber graduate puffs are 1/2 cup (about 60 pieces) for 25 calories!
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    I would suggest a butter popcorn or cheddar rice cake? Somewhat less calories, but still salty and crunchy. It could at least help you wean yourself off the Ritz.
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    There's nothing wrong with not bringing home a food if you don't feel in control around it.
    We used to plow through sugary breakfast cereal like mad- no bowl was too big for cereal!
    Stopped buying it, stopped eating it. Been years and I don't miss it at all.
    So maybe you take a break from crackers and realize they aren't really that wonderful. Or you realize you can't live without them. Won't know unless you try.
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    i dont know which country you are in but here in australia we have lower fat versions like salada or breton otherwise you could try rice crackers
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    I like the 34 Degree crackers. 9 crackers for 50 calories and 11 carbs.
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    If the issue is that specifically rich, buttery crackers are so tempting for you to binge on, then switch to less attractive crackers, so that it's easy to stop yourself after just a few since they're not as delicious. Saltines, or rice crackers (found usually in the gluten free section), both lack that richness, and should be easier to limit yourself with.
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    I would just stop eating them completely - maybe it's because I don't get the appeal of crackers but I'm sure you will get used to it in a couple of months or weeks. These things are just habits really and once you don't do them for a while your brain forgets all about them.
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    BarbieAS wrote: »
    A serving of Ritz crackers (5) is only 80 calories. Can you not find a way to work that into your day? Using MFP is not about depriving yourself, it's about exercising moderation and balancing the foods you eat each day such that you are both meeting your nutritional goals as well as learning to eat in a way that you can sustain for the rest of your life. If you love Ritz crackers that much, don't eliminate them from your diet. Reduce/monitor your portions and find a way to fit them into your day.

    I'm used to eating 1/2 a rack to a rack at a time (I know, bad). That's why I'm trying to limit how much I eat and I'm afraid, at least at this beginning stage, that if I allow myself 5 crackers I'll end up going back for more.

    It's like these people have never had Ritz before. Lol
    I've had to cut them out completely because like you I'd eat a whole sleeve with a whole lot of peanut butter.
    I've liked eating Pirates Booty, or Air popped popcorn. Gives a nice salty savory crunch but low calorie for the volume in a serving
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    You clearly have Ritzy taste. I'm more of a Wheat Thins man myself, they're sturdier and wheatier. Little lower in calories I think, and they fill me up more than Ritz.
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    Flackers. Crackers that you make out of flax seeds. Lots of recipes out there.